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3D PDF Converter Description

3D PDF Converter is the next generation solution for converting native 3D CAD data into 3D interactive PDF documents. Includes a streamlined user interface that runs directly from the bar Acrobat X Pro updated compatibility with 3D CAD formats including CATIA V5R20 and Pro/Engineer Wildfire 5.0 and Adobe menu.

3D PDF Converter includes an updated 3D Reviewer, a standalone application that allows users to merge CAD files , move and delete parts, create animations and exploded assemblies, create and manage accounts and more material before publishing 3D PDF version .

3D PDF Converter easily integrates with Adobe Acrobat X Pro allows you to manage PDF files.

Here are some key features of ” 3D PDF Converter”:

Converts 3D CAD files into interactive 3D PDF documents:
Converts 3D data from all major CAD applications in interactive PDF documents. The 3D data can be stored in highly compressed PDF – often less than 5 % of the size of 3D native CAD data. See a full list of supported formats.
Supports new CAD formats:
3D PDF Converter supports CATIA V5R20, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0 and Parasolid 23. Users can expect fast updates for popular 3D CAD formats to 3D PDF Converter.
Exporting 3D PDF 3D file formats neutral:
3D PDF Converter users can easily export data to precise BREP 3D CAD neutral file formats such as STL , IGES , Parasolid and STL for use in downstream CAD ​​, CAM , CAE and 3D. Export the entire assembly or select which part of the turn model.
Converts 3D CAD data containing product manufacturing information (PMI) to 3D PDF:
PMI distributed 3D data as dimensions, tolerances and annotations to anyone, anywhere with the free Adobe Reader and reduces or eliminates the need for 2D drawings. The PMI views created in native CAD applications are imported into 3D PDF as intelligent PMI views.
Prepare 3D CAD data before publication to 3D PDF 3D Reviewer:
It combines CAD files , move and delete parts, create animations and exploded assemblies, create and manage bills of materials and more. Post the results in 3D PDF.

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3D PDF Converter