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A-PDF Image to PDF Description

A-PDF Image to PDF is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you convert photos, drawings, scans and faxes into Acrobat PDF documents.

A-PDF Image to PDF’s features include supporting almost all of image formats includes TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, BMP, PNG, ICO, WMF, EMF etc, even acquiring images from scanner or digital camera directly. A-PDF Image to PDF provides a very convenient, simple way to create electronic books which can then be issued to the Web. You can scan paper documents directly to image files and then convert them to PDF.

A-PDF Image to PDF’s allow you scans paper documents and automatically emails them as PDF attachments using your existing email software

Other features include the ability to modify images, such as rotating, cropping, flipping or converting to grayscale, black/white; set the page size, orientation, margin and layout of the output PDF document; as well as change its properties, security setting, watermarking, and viewer options.

A-PDF Image to PDF Key Features

Supports TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, BMP, PNG, ICO, WMF, EMF, IF, TIFF, PCD, PSD, TGA, DCX, PIC, etc. image formats
Combines multiple directories and images into one PDF file
Supports Multi-page Tiffs file to PDF conversion
Supports sorting on output file name when converting batches
Support export scanned pages to image
Image files can be dragged directly from Windows Explorer and converted quickly
Supports single file processing, single directory processing, multi-level directory processing and many others
Combine several image files into a single PDF file during batch converting, or convert each image file into individual PDF file
Password protection for Output PDF files with 40 or 128 bit encryption ‘
Set file permissions to restrict printing, copying, and future modifications to the document
Automatically open PDF file after creation
Specify any resolution (DPI) in the generated PDF file
Set the document metadata such as title, subject, author and keywords
Supports scanner
Supports generate bookmarks
Page layout setting.
Support watermark, and viewer setting.

A-PDF Image to PDF Review

A-PDF Image to PDF is a converter that outputs PDF files. It can convert image files of pretty much any format to PDF files. It has a batch mode, which allows it to process several images at once. There are some advanced settings that you can add to your PDF file and the application includes a built-in image editing tool.

With A-PDF Image to PDF you can create great-looking PDF files. The images that you want to convert to PDF can be edited within the application before the conversion process. You can edit the image’s brightness, sharpness, size. You can crop it or de-skew it. You can also add a few effects. This application can effectively compress JPEG images to reduce the size of your PDF file. And there are even custom quality settings to make the job easier for you. Although the built-in editor isn’t the most complete one, it should allow for quick and easy fixes.

When you convert an image to PDF, you get to change the properties of the PDF file. You can add a couple of security layers to the file. For example, you can password-protect it so that it can’t be opened or edited. You can add watermarks to protect your content and bookmarks for easy reading. There are also settings to change the page size and margins. You can also set this tool to automatically e-mail converted PDFs or upload them using a built-in FTP client.

It works great with pictures and drawings.
It has a lot of customization and edition options.
It is relatively easy to use.

I don’t think this has OCR built-in, so text images will not be editable.

A-PDF Image to PDF Sceenshot

A-PDF Image to PDF Screenshot