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A-PDF Quizzer Description

If you are teacher, do you want to create and present your tests to your students both on-ground and online learning environments with ease?

If you are a website designer, are you bothering on the problem of how to engage your visitors and drive up traffic of your website?

If you see a fun quiz on some magazine or book, will you publish online to share with your friends on your own blog or website?

To create online test and exam, drive up traffic of website (most people take the quiz to spend some time on your site and will be more willing to browse it further), share funny quizzes online just for fun, A PDF Quizzer will help you generate a quiz in the easiest way.

A-PDF Quizzer is flexible and effective quiz maker software that helps to build multiple types quizzes and publish online. The powerful A-PDF Quizzer provides different quiz types for you to choose, True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and Fill in the Blank etc. With using A-PDF Quizzer, you are also able to add images for each question, and publish the created test on your website instantly.

A-PDF Quizzer provides wizard-like interfaces for you to create quizzes and services with ease, and it doesn’t require any technique knowledge. All you need to do is just presenting your questions and answers directly.

With using A-PDF Quizzer, you can create below types of quizzes with ease:
Training tests
Education exams
Fun quizzes
Analytic surveys
Secure questions
Automatic certificates

A-PDF Quizzer Key Features

 Easy Create quizzes with friendly-to-use interfaces.
 Provide different quiz types: True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Fill in the Blank, Word Bank, Matching, Hot Spot, Matching Drop Down, Sequence Drag and Drop, etc.
 Add images, videos, equations, sounds for each question.
 Use Tab Key to enter next choices.
 Define quiz information about quiz title, author details.
 Set passing rate for quizzes.
 Define point, right and wrong tips for every quiz.
 Link to some webpage after finishing the quiz in blank/self/parent/top page.
 Change language for quizzes.
 Choose template from default build-in types.
 Apply flash on quiz pages, provide many kinds of flash for you to use directly.
 Customize template with setting quiz font, backgrounds, tool bar info and Flash info.
 Preview defined quizzes.
 Save project for later continue editing work.
 Publish created quiz with outputting Flash, Zip, Exe.
 Allow zoom in the inserted images by magnifier tool.
 Enable print out created quiz pages while testing.
 View test result after submitting instantly.
 Check answers with reviewing feedback.

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