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A-PDF Rename Description

A-PDF Rename is a simple, lightning-fast desktop utility program that lets you batch rename you multiple PDF document based on content, metadata (keywords, subject, title, etc…) or file attributes (Size, Date time, etc…) within your PDF, you also can batch update, replace, manipulate multiple PDF files info (title, author, subject and keywords), It provides a powerful PDF content Marco editor to allow you define how the output files are uniquely renamed (based on PDF content).

A-PDF Rename Key Features

A-PDF Rename also is an Easy to use but powerful user interface with built in preview to see after-effects of renamed files.
The complete set of split features includes:
• Fastest PDF file Rename so you can rename your thousands of PDF files in few seconds.
• A simple, flexible and yet powerful interface to rename your PDF files
• Support rename PDF based on content at any position within PDF
• Support rename PDF based on metadata (keywords, subject, title, etc…) within PDF
• Support rename PDF based on original PDF attributes (Size, Date time, etc…)
• Powerful real-time preview the result of renaming
• Support define output files rename pattern.
• Supports renaming Marco define (based on PDF content).
• Supports batch update, replace, manipulate multiple PDF files info (title, author, subject and keywords),
• Support Script for output files name (such as Filename, Title, Author, Subject, Keywords etc …)

A-PDF Rename does NOT require Adobe Acrobat, and produces documents compatible with Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 5 and above.

A-PDF Rename Review

A-PDF Rename is a small program that allows you to modify PDFs in a couple of clicks. This comes in handy when you have to modify a large batch of files addressed to a certain audience/organization, making it easy to change information that the simple “rename” option of your OS won’t have, such as keywords, subject, title, file size, date time, author, creator, among others.

The app allows you to rename custom fields and preview the result before final conversion. An added value to this small app is that you can work on PDFs without having Adobe Acrobat (which might be expensive).

The files customization screen is really intuitive and you have a comprehensive walk-through guide in case you get lost figuring out the tags. The program is a lightweight solution, so you don’t have to read a 1000-page manual; 9 pages are enough to get you through the program’s “know-how”. The program was tested on a Windows 7 32bit OS and worked smoothly, the conversion is so quick that you spent more time searching for the files to modify than on the modification itself.

The tool allows you to change file information with a single click.

The information you can modify is limited compared to what Abode Acrobat can do.

A-PDF Rename Sceenshot

A-PDF Rename