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Lojack for Laptops – Standard Description




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When your laptop is stolen, you can feel powerless. But you do not have to. LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software is a theft recovery service with remote computer device security features and data.

If your laptop is stolen or lost you, have the power to remotely block access to it and the personal data it contains, while a team of dedicated Theft Recovery works to recover it.

Once you’ve purchased LoJack for Laptops, you can rely on this software to act as a tool theft recovery and data protection.

Absolute Lojack Key Features

Theft Recovery – recovers your laptop ( and your life ):
For most people, the odds of recovering a stolen laptop are not encouraging. But with this patented technology and veteran Theft Recovery Team on your side, you can turn the odds in your favor. If your protected computer is stolen, the team uses this technology to track, then works in parallel with the local police to get it back in your hands. Chances are you’re going to have a happy day.

Data security and devices – remains in control of your data and identity:
When your computer is not found , you have two ways to protect yourself. Use Data Delete to delete personal information and sensitive files remotely, blocking would-be thieves with a click. You can also prevent access to your computer by blocking remotely. Any attempt to use it displays a message from you on the screen.

Geolocation – determines the location of your laptop:
If you do not know if your laptop was actually stolen, or left on a business trip , geolocation can keep your computer on an online map. It uses GPS or Wi -Fi to map current and past locations of your laptop. Even if your laptop is safe and sound, you can see that LoJack for Laptops is working.

Absolute Lojack Review

Absolute Lojack is a theft recovery service based software. It tracks, locates, and recovers stolen computers while providing you with the ability to protect your personal information from identity theft.

In the event of theft, the next time your computer connects to the Internet, Computer Theft Recovery Absolute Lojack look carefully to determine who has your computer. Then work with local police agencies to recover and will return your property.

If your computer is stolen or has been lost, the Data Delete of Absolute Lojack can be used to remotely delete all your files and personal information on your hard disk.

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Lojack for Laptops