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Absolute LoJack – Premium $59.99 Only $50.99 Get It Now!
Absolute LoJack – Premium $39.99 Only $35.99 Get It Now!
Absolute LoJack Mobile – Premium $39.99 Only $33.99 Get It Now!

If your device is stolen, you need the most effective and trusted recovery software on the job. In addition to keeping your data safe, Absolute LoJack’s theft recovery solutions will aid in the recovery of your stolen laptop, smartphone or tablet and return to it you. Locate your device, lock it against unauthorized users and permanently erase files, all from your remote location. Even if thieves reset your device to factory settings or wipe your hard drive, patented Absolute persistence technology re-installs the software despite their best efforts. Your identity is protected. Your data is protected. Your device gets back to you, where it belongs.

Absolute LoJack® by Absolute Software is a software-based theft recovery and data security service. In the event of theft – Absolute LoJack can track, locate, and recover stolen computers while providing you with the ability to protect your personal information against identity theft.

Absolute LoJack Key Features

Locate your device (laptops, phones, and tablets) using GPS, Wi-Fi or IP geolocation giving you the tools to see the last location in the event that it goes missing.

Device Lock prevents anyone from accessing your personal information on laptops, phones, and tablets. You can also add a customized message to your device lock screen.

Activating the delete feature permanently erases files protecting your personal information and preventing identity theft.

Unlike other tracking software, Absolute LoJack enables the Absolute Investigations team to recover your stolen device.

If your stolen device isn’t recovered within 60 days, Absolute LoJack will help to pay for a replacement. Read the Service Guarantee for full details.

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