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ASEOPS 8 Description

ASEOPS is a software which facilitates making your website known on the Internet. It helps you to detect and improve weaknesses and to find the right methods to ensure that your website is found, that is, it helps you to optimize your website for search engines.

These are the features which ASEOPS offers:
Convenient management of different projects
Detailed analysis of all important Ranking criteria
A ranking query and a keywords section which will allow you to find and analyze keywords for your website
Numerous tools, which allow you to create detailed optimization measures for your website
Well-structures reports which show the results of your work at a glance

ASEOPS 8 New Features

 Radically revised user interface, improved useability and easier handling
 SEO Analysis of single documents with a separate keyword set: Thus, you can optimize every document of your website for specific keywords.
 Analysis of local projects: Apart from websites which ar available online you can now also analyze and optimize websites on your local disk.
 Improved backlinks management and display of further useful information like Domain Authority and mozRank.
 New elements in the SEO optimization analysis as for example the lenght of the title tag, the occurences of keywords in the title tag and many more.
 New functionality to compare the SEO optimization of two websites fast and easily.
 Comparison of the top 10 websites for a keyword in regard to their search engine optimization.
 Improved search for duplicated contents: All documents of a website are now compared to each other to detect duplicate content.
 Improved ranking report: The results are now shown in a results table.
 Reports can now be exported into Word, Excel, PDF, HTML or CSV.
 Results tables can now be exported into Word, Excel, PDF or CSV.
 Numerous new reports & improved existing reports for the program modules.
 The importance and weight of a website analysis element can now be customized.
 Numerous other improvements and optimization of the existing functionality.

ASEOPS is a powerful application comprising many features. One of the design objectives for the user interface was to automate as many processes as possible, so that handling the program is as easy for users as possible.

The user interface is separated into eight related sections:
Projects & Templates
Analysis & Error Recognition
Document Optimization
Ranking Analysis

ASEOPS 8 Sceenshot

ASEOPS Screenshot