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WinSurvey 3 Description

WinSurvey is a powerful tool which you can use to create, publish and analyse surveys and polls easily.

With the help of the Survey Designer, you can arrange all kind of different questions, so that all necessary information is gathered step by step.

Subsequently, surveys can be published via the internet, text or HTML emails, with personal contact, by phone or with any other desired method.

In addition, you can use WinSurvey to create summarising statistics, frequency reports and professional presentations of your survey results.

WinSurvey 3 New Features

• New survey handling method – With the new Super-Light method the conducting of a survey is easy as never before! You do not need to have your own web server or perform complex configuration on a remote system. In several minutes you may design and publish a survey on our special server and get an URL for the ready survey for your respondents. With one mouse click you update the response database, your reports and presentations.
• Conducting of polls – With this cool new feature you may easily and quickly develop one-question voting polls for your webpage. Advanced options allow customization of a poll’s appearance and prevent multiple votes of respondents.
• Integrated respondents’ manager – Database-driven tools for the management of a survey’s participants and e-mail campaigns.
• New, improved and easy-to-start user interface.
• Integrated HTML Editor – You may edit questions, answers and scales in a WYSIWIG editor with support of images, links, various text styles, etc.
• Editable Libraries – Any question, answer or scale can be added to a customizable library for later re-use.
• Improved import from e-mail client – Much more flexible and powerful tool to import responses from MAPI compliant e-mail clients. You may specify import folders, rules for after-import actions and so on.
• Support of unique user IDs for individual user recognition and filtering of multiple votes from the same user.
• MS SQL Server database support was added to maintain professional surveys on Windows based web servers.
• Enhanced support of MySQL Server databases – now the program supports all server versions and can create new databases on all server types.
• New question types and additional advanced properties for old question types.
• Improved e-mail letters sender with integrated HTML Editor.
• Cookies support for better protection against spamming and multiple answering.
• General Report generation based on the survey results.
• Enhanced HTML output based on modern CSS style sheets.
• Improved support of result filtering with the newly integrated Filter Builder and the possibility to store often used filters.
• Enhanced support of Essay questions – now the length of the answer is virtually unlimited.
• Many other improvements.

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