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AceSpy $59.97 Only $41.98 Get It Now!
AceSpy Mac $59.97 Only $41.98 Get It Now!

See what they do online by simply checking your email. After you install, AceSpy begins SILENTLY recording EVERYTHING that is done on your computer! This easy tool also gives you the power to block activities you choose such as web sites or programs.

AceSpy is COMPLETELY hidden from others. You’ll be able to see full size screenshots with complete text logs of chat conversations, keystrokes typed, websites visited, social media activity and more. Hourly reports can be sent directly to your email address.

This easy to use software also silently records text logs of emails, chat conversations, web sites visited in any browser, keystrokes typed including passwords inside any window, items sent to clipboard, files printed and more! AceSpy can even record your webcam and microphone!

AceSpy Key Features

Email Recording and Forwarding
Capture all incoming and outgoing email messages on your computer. You can have them forwarded to your email address instantly.

Chat / IM Recording and Forwarding
Record both sides of any chat conversation or instant messaging session and view the entire transcript including everything both sides said.

Automatic Screenshots
Like a surveillance camera pointed at the screen, the entire screen on the remote computer is captured, showing all active programs, folders, or web pages.

Websites Visited
Every single website visited through your computer’s web browsers will be recorded, along with the date and time it was viewed.

Keystrokes Typed
View every single keystroke typed into your computer including passwords. Even see what window or program it was typed into.

Social Media Activity
See all the activity conducted on social media websites. View all MySpace activity and all MySpace instant messages.

Filtering and Blocking
Filter out websites, restrict computer access, institute keyword limitations, and limit application usage automatically.

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AceSpy Screenshot