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Acronis Backup for PC Description

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Acronis Backup for PC is the perfect backup and recovery software for individuals or small organizations for local backup and restore non-server windows based computers. If you compare Acronis True Image Home with Acronis Backup for PC the latest has some unique features, such as:

– Integrated Acronis Disk Director Lite with the basic disk management abilities
– UEFI and GPT disks support
– Partition alignment
– Personal vaults
– Many other useful features which I would like to show you in this review

As you can see the software will automatically check the latest build of the program and download it if needed. You also have an option to select “Extract installation files” to save Acronis Backup and Recovery 11 Workstation components of the program as a separate .msi files.

Keep in mind that if you install the trial version of Acronis Backup for PC then your previous full version of the program, e.g. Acronis Backup and Recovery 10 Workstation or Echo Workstation may turn into trial mode. So it is advised to uninstall the full versions first.

Note that if you do not have Microsoft Installer 3.1 installed the software install it first and reboot your system.

Alternatively you can download MS Installer from Microsoft website using the following link

While you proceed with installation you will have to specify the account under which the component’s service (Acronis Backup & Recovery Agent Core) will run when the component is installed.

What is new in Acronis Backup for PC?

– Installation is very simple due to new installer
– New GUI of the program make the usage easy and comfortable
– Advanced replication. Create a copy of the backup for redundancy and schedule the time of the backup creation if needed.
– Browse vaults for the backed up data
– UEFI / GPT disk supports. Full support for UEFI and GPT allows you to recover BIOS-based systems to UEFI-based and vice versa
– SSD (solid state drive) support. During the recovery process Acronis Backup and Recovery 11 Workstation automatically creates partition alignment which is required for SSD disks
– Ability to use Universal Restore without recovery, it means that Universal Restore will be applied to the operating system which is installed on the computer. In case of several operating systems you will have the choice.
– You can now export and import backup plan in .xml format to another computer
– Ability to merge a huge amount of incremental or differential backups into full

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Acronis Backup for PC