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Acronis Migrate Easy 7 Description

It’s finally time. You’ve put it off as long as possible, but it’s now time to upgrade to a new hard disk drive. And if you’re like most users, you’re not excited, you’re
scared. You think you’re in for a large project spanning several days of tedious
work. Luckily for you, there’s Acronis Migrate Easy, an award-winning solution that
migrates all your computer data to a new hard disk drive in minutes, and keeps all
operating systems and applications fully functional just the way you had them. Why
take days upgrading when you can use Acronis Migrate Easy and be finished in

And with Acronis Migrate Easy, you don’t have to be a computer whiz to upgrade to
a new hard disk drive. Simply make a few choices when prompted, and Acronis Migrate Easy will take care of everything else automatically. It will even show you a
preview of the migration so you are sure to migrate exactly what you intend to.
Within minutes, your data, including applications and operating systems, will be
safely on your new hard disk drive and ready to go!

Acronis Migrate Easy 7 helps you to transfer existing partitions to a new hard drive, make this drive bootable and create partitions on the destination drive.

Acronis Migrate Easy 7 main options:

– Disk Clone. Disk clone has two modes – automatic and manual. Automatic disk clone will transfer the source hard drive to the destination hard drive and make it bootable, so your operating system, all applications, settings, e-mail accounts and data will be transferred to a new drive. Partitions size will be automatically resized to fit the new hard drive size. Manual mode will make it possible to adjust partition size on both drives and create new partitions. You will have 3 scenarios of data transfer in manual mode:

– Create a new partition layout. A new partition layout will be created, the old disk layout will be destroyed on the old drive and will not have an access to data any more. You will be able to access all your data after the clone process on the new drive.

– Keep data. All your data on the old hard drive will be kept untouched after the clone process. You may use this option in case you want to keep the old drive as a backup copy. Note: I advise you to use this option in case clone process fails.

– Destroy data. All data on the old hard disk will be completely destroyed and you won’t be able to recover it as each sector will be zeroed. You may use this option as an additional security and in case you are not planning to use the old drive in future.

Manual mode also has 3 ways of moving methods:

– As is. The old drive will be transferred to a new one as is without any change in partition size, so if your new drive has a bigger size you will have unallocated space after clone process.

– Proportional. The original partition sizes will be scaled according to the new drive size. So in case you have a bigger destination drive the partitions will be enlarged proportionally.

– Manual. You can set partition size manually.

– Add new disk. This option allows you to configure partitions on both hard drives – source and destination. If a new drive is not formatted so there is unallocated space on it you may create partition(s) on it and select file system type. The supported file system types are the following: FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, Linux Ext2, Ext3, Swap, ReiserFS, JFS.

After that you should select the type of partition: logical or primary. Note that only primary partitions can be bootable, in case you want to use the partition only for data you should select logical partition.

Later you may specify the size of partition, to do so just enter the appropriate size in “partition size” field.

– Create bootable rescue media. You can create Acronis bootable disc to clone the drive under Linux. I personally advise you to clone only under Acronis bootable disc to overcome any possible issues. Clone process may fail under Windows as it can be interrupted by any other running processes.

You may place the following components into Acronis bootable disc:

– Full version. This version includes drivers for USB/PC, Card/SCSI hard drives

– Safe version. This version doesn’t include drivers mentioned in full version. You should use it only in case full version bootable disc cannot boot.

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Acronis Migrate Easy