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ActivePresenter Description




ActivePresenter 6 Standard $149.00 Only $119.20 Get It Now!
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ActivePresenter is an interesting application for those who want to create a much more complete and professional slide show than just texts and images made in PowerPoint.

It allows, for example, you capture the screen in video form, creating detailed step-by-step tutorials.

You can add blank slides between video frames for detailed text explanations, among other features. You can combine various tools and create more dynamic presentations that will not bore anyone who is watching!

ActivePresenter Key Features

Smart Capture
Capture screen when mouse clicked or key pressed. Each action is captured as a slide which explains in details what the viewer/learner should follow to master the lesson.

Full Motion Recording
Record screen as a full motion video and embedded in a slide for further editing with annotations, voice-over, zoom-n-pan, closed captions and animation effects.

Microphone & Speakers Recording
Record system audio and audio from microphone simutaneously while recording screen.

Smart Annotation
Automatically generate the description from the action and target application and insert to slide properly. This makes the content almost ready to publish for a quick tutorial.

Lossless Quality
The video is recorded with the lossless codec to ensure the highest quality (100%) in the overall editing process. H264, MPEG-1,2 lossy codecs are also available.

Configurable Hotkeys
Some target applications already registered the common hotkeys. In that case, configurable hotkeys are vital to make a complete recording session.

ActivePresenter Review

ActivePresenter is a very interesting program for those who want to give a boost in their slide shows and tutorials. You can use it totally for free, with no time limit or watermark, and its interface is complete and intuitive. Some limitations in the free app, however, may make it more advantageous to pay to use it.

Presentations and videos
The main limitation of the free app is that it is able to create only videos, which show the entire timeline of your slides in a linear fashion. That is, it’s like a normal presentation, but you can not manually control playback (unless you pause the video being displayed).

To export the content in the form of an actual presentation, with pass-through control, slide-back, and all interaction features, you must purchase one of the paid versions of the application. The good part is that if you really use this kind of program a lot, it pays to get ActivePresenter – it’s a full-featured application that works great.

Comprehensive and intuitive interface
If you’re willing to spend some time learning to mess with all of ActivePresenter’s tools, you will not find it too difficult, since everything is well-organized and the developer’s website brings complete explanations.

It does not even have a minimalist interface or even a step by step, but this is not a problem: even with many buttons and menus, this is done intuitively and with little time of use you can create videos and presentations very advanced . The bad part is that this is only possible in English.

Advanced Tools
Forget Power Point slides, with text and images, or even with advanced elements that are difficult to set up. In this app, the most complete features are done in a simple way and you can split a recording between several slides, for example with floating explanations or even with pauses and explanatory screens in the middle of the video.

Edit the slide by slide slide by placing supporting elements to show where clicks are done, dialog boxes and even extra images. This type of editing is a lot easier to do than using Power Point, since everything you touch on the timeline is exactly how the feature will be displayed during the presentation.

Worth it?
ActivePresenter comes in three versions: free, standard and professional. You can see in this table the differences, which basically boil down to the export of the material. That is, all editing and authoring content can be used for free, making it worth checking out this app.

If you use a lot of slideshows on lecture and lessons, this feature can be one of the best creative alternatives, paying off not only the free download but also the purchase of one of the special licenses.

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