Advanced Effect Maker Commercial Edition

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Advanced Effect Maker Commercial Edition Description

Advanced Effect Maker, is a software for creating Macromedia Flash effects without having to own or to learn Macromedia Flash. Thanks to the VAC technology which has been adapted to this software, there is no learning curve, you don’t have to put enormous amount of money on courses and software. You can just register at the site and start making Flash applet effects immediately for your page or download the offline software. You should take this service seriously if you are a web designer, it gives you an advantage against your competitors and improves your web design capabilities. This software consists of a multitude of Flash applets. That is, fully customizable applets based on Macromedia Flash 5.0 technology. Here you will find, not only the most basic effects that you will need for your page, but also very advanced effects that will make it stand out. This service is built with the VAC technology, which means that users familiar of Demicron packages such as Applet FX and MenuMaster, will feel at home here.

Advanced Effect Maker Features:

Get FULL access to customizable Flash and JavaScript effects such as menus, web games, scrollers, slideshows, counters and much more!
No credits to Mandomartis will appear in the applets.
Create your first effect in just 5 minutes.
Convert your own True Type Fonts to use with the applets (Windows version only).
Send Flash embedded e-mails within the program to your friend.
Create Screensavers of your Flash effects (Windows version only).
Put the unlimited number of applets that you create on any number of commercial or non-commercial webpages and domains (we do not enforce site licenses).
The application does not expire like the Advanced Effect Maker online accounts.
Free e-mail support.

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