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Advanced SystemCare PRO Description

Advanced SystemCare PRO is a paid program that has a version enough to use it for 30 day trial. Its function is to gather useful features to improve the performance of your computer.

With it, you can remove a malware, wipe useless files and records, defragment the hard drive, uninstalling programs, updating drivers, and disable non-essential services to improve your PC performance instantly.

Although it has it all, Advanced SystemCare PRO is not as heavy as it brings only the basic functions when installed. Ie, no space is wasted on useless tools: always to use a new feature, it must be downloaded to work.

Does everything and then some
When you use Advanced SystemCare PRO, probably should not find any problem to understand how to do it: the activation buttons are always huge and bright, then it is unlikely to go unnoticed. At the top of the screen are some buttons to access settings, as well as some menus with the task of organizing with great clarity the options available.

With “Antivirus” function is searching pests on your PC, while “Care” is for you to make a general sweeping in the system, using the most relevant features of Advanced SystemCare PRO in the process. However, “Tools “, you can use specific resources instead of using this more general option – useful when you know what needs to be corrected.

The “Turbo Mode” shines as a great possibility offered by Advanced SystemCare PRO because it ensures an improved on your computer by closing unnecessary processes and services performance. Finally, the ” Action Center ” which indicates the most critical problems detected by the software, and you can choose between “Repair All” or solve each one individually.

Advanced SystemCare PRO Review

The interface of Advanced SystemCare PRO is very beautiful and organized with the main positive characteristic the fact of being in English.

With four color alternatives, the degree of customization of the program is low, but enough to please some people. The amount of features available in the software is huge and it is not exaggeration to say that Advanced SystemCare 7 Ultimate is able to handle virtually any problem solvable via software in Windows. Nevertheless, its price is very expensive, costing almost $100 annual permit.

The speed of the scans is excellent, not taking more than a few minutes to show search results and the problems encountered. A drawback of the program is to install all the features when Advanced SystemCare PRO is added to the system, forcing you to install them as you use them – while it may be interesting to make it lighter, can be an annoying problem.

Considering the total price of the service, you may want to download Advanced SystemCare, free version of this program. As it is very expensive, you may want to use it during the demonstration to leave your computer in the best possible condition. Done so, install the free version, which although it has all the functions available, has some very relevant.

Easy to use
organized interface
several functions
quick Scan

Only 30 days of use
Missed the Slow PC for heavier tasks

Advanced SystemCare PRO Sceenshot

Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 7 Screenshot