Advanced Task Scheduler

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Advanced Task Scheduler Description




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Advanced Task Scheduler is a powerful task scheduler, which allows you to automate your daily tasks: launch programs, scripts and batch files, open documents and web pages, display pop-up ads, playing sounds, sending messages, shutting down and restarting the computer, establishing and closing connections and switched line.

Advanced Task Scheduler offers a full set of tools that allow you to run scheduled tasks automatically, as exceptional, in a specified after system startup, or every minute to yearly time.

Alternatively, you can define tasks to run via a hotkey, when the computer is idle, on a dial-up connection established, the log/log the user to start/close the program, etc..

Users can rely on pop-ups to stop them to forget the scheduled tasks.

The auto power off function allows you to leave your computer running and be sure that will close at a certain time, and a similar feature applies to programs and dial-up networks. The Advanced Task Scheduler icons will appear in your system tray, providing access to all its features via a popup menu with the right click. When you press a hotkey, are restoring Advanced Task Scheduler.

The scheduler can also be launched as a Windows service and can work in the background, enabling all scheduled tasks to run smoothly without taking up space on the desktop. This feature means Advanced Task Scheduler can be run even when no user logged.

Advanced Task Scheduler can record all executed tasks in a log file or send them directly to your inbox, allowing you to see exactly which tasks are executed and when. You can also print the log file at your convenience.

Besides all the basic capabilities, Advanced Task Scheduler Professional allows you to encrypt your settings and task list, assign multiple shortcuts and schedules for each task, use the login monitoring, window, process and archive function execution during the holidays, and more random time.

Advanced Task Scheduler Key Features

Small and easy to use
Several flexible types of programming
Ability to wake the computer from hibernation / waiting before starting a task
Automatically start applications, install and uninstall services
Displays messages as a popup, a balloon of information or a transparent window near the taskbar
It terminates processes and closes windows
Automatically establishes and terminates connections from dialup network
Plays sounds alarm
Log out, restart, shut down, suspended or put the PC into hibernation
Send emails and network
Send keystrokes to a window
Performs file operations and FTP
Logs all automatic starts
It can be installed as a Windows service

Advanced Task Scheduler Sceenshot

Advanced Task Scheduler