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Alarm Clock Pro Description

Alarm Clock Pro is a fully functional organizer and scheduler that aims to ensure you never miss an important date again. As a wake-up alarm, it allows you to configure the tone as anything from an Internet radio station to an MP3 and even a movie or daily task. If you don’t have your PC in your bedroom that’s no problem either – Alarm Clock Pro can be configured to send wake-up text messages to your cell phone.

Alarm Clock Pro makes organizing your life via your desktop a breeze, assuming you can untangle the innovative options. By offering users a wide swath of date-keeping and time-monitoring options you can make your life simpler, however, learning the program itself may take up the bulk of this newfound time.

One slightly unusual aspect of Alarm Clock Pro is its ability to speak inspirational quotes at random moments throughout the day. This can be programmed to occur at virtually any specific time interval set by yourself to keep you going through the day.

Alarm Clock Pro Key Features
Move into the future – Alarm Clock Pro enables you to customize your wake-up call to something you enjoy. It will also let you design your daily routine and perform various tasks automatically.
Simplify and enhance your life – With the sheer amount of functionality Alarm Clock Pro offers, it can easily integrate into nearly every aspect of your life.
Extreme flexibility – In addition to Alarm Clock Pro’s extensive list of programmable tasks, it also offers flexibility when it comes to timing alarms.
Across-the-board compatibility – For both Mac OS X and Windows for the price of a single license, Alarm Clock Pro is one of the only affordable universal solutions for your needs.

Alarm Clock Pro Review
An attractive interface combined with an array of different uses make Alarm Clock Pro one of the best alarm clocks around – it’s just a shame it’s not free anymore.

Huge amount of customization options
Does everything from alarm functions to iTunes management
Elegant, searchable interface

A little over the top for most people’s alarm clock needs

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Alarm Clock Pro