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All My Books Description

All My Books is a complete cataloger of books, ebooks and audiobooks. Adds books from major online bookstores (like Amazon or Bol ) and import the metadata ebooks and audiobooks.

The All My Books window is divided into two panes: the left lists the titles of the open database, while the right is the display of the tab. To add an item to the virtual shelf of All My Books is sufficient to go to Book > Add or press the Ins key.

If it’s a book for sale, the quickest way is to enter the title of the work and press the search button. Having chosen the appropriate book, All My Books download all the details, including cover. When adding eBooks and audiobooks, the process is very similar.

Without search functionality and reporting, a database of books would stay half, which is why All My Books will care enough such sections, with quick filters, a field of instant search and directories. Export database to other formats or print listings is very simple.

On the other hand, the virtual shelf view (accessible from the View> Virtual Shelf menu), makes it more enjoyable browsing the titles. All My Books offers you seven models shelf.

Although small defects remain unpolished , All My Books is a book cataloger excellent. Are missing Hispanic search libraries, an easily correctable defect as someone dares to write the relevant plugins.

All My Books Key Features

Fast download of book -related information from the databases of Internet books , including the synopsis of the subject, the revisions and the book cover
Visual appearance of a library using various themes ( editable HTML templates are used)
Large number of standard fields in the book card (author, title , ISBN , genre, publishing house, binding , number of pages , number of copies , location , rating and others)
Support for user-defined fields – an unlimited number of text fields and additional Boolean
Extended functionality and new sources of data import Book online using third party plugins
Statistical information on the book collection ( statistics genres, binding , authors, etc. . )
Exporting the digital library in many formats – text , HTML , CHM , XLS ( Microsoft Excel) , export to mobile devices
Importing the list of books in text format or Microsoft Excel
Quick search for book using specified criteria. The search is performed in all standard fields and user-defined
Protection book database password
Manager sharing the book easy to use – never forget who and when you lent that book
Storage of an unlimited amount of additional graphic information for each of the books in the database
Pets eBooks – you can save the link to the file in the book card and open it directly from All My Books
Customizable user interface

All My Books Review

Gets data from major booksellers
Lee metadata eBooks and audiobooks
Listings printable books
Filters, statistics and directories
Export to HTML, PDF and XLS

Untranslated parts of the program
Some plugins do not work

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All My Books