Amacsoft Card Data Recovery for Mac

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Amacsoft Card Data Recovery for Mac Description




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Data confirm that a large number of users prefer to use a memory card to store and manage their work, documents and files, as a memory card provides a lot of convenience. However, it is not indestructible, and a sudden, some problem can happen and you can lose everything you have stored inside.

Inevitable despair if such a thing happens. However, be aware that there is a software that can help you in this task. The Amacsoft Card Data Recovery is an application that will recover the lost data from your memory card from different manufacturers, regardless of what has happened to him.

Have the ability to recover more than 500 file types, including audio, images, movies, various documents, among others. It supports all memory cards: SD, CF, MMC, Memory Stick, SDHC, USB. Can recover deleted files and formatted the hard drive to FAT/NTFS.

Amacsoft Card Data Recovery Key Features

Recover Files of More than 500 Formats
Classify All Files & Preview before Recovery
Retrieve Lost Data from Various Scenarios
Various Card Types & Brands Are Supported

Amacsoft Card Data Recovery Review

Amacsoft Card Data Recovery is a simple application through which we can recover any file you would in a memory card has been corrupted for any reason , whether external (with certain limitations ) or internal.

Using the program is as simple as inserting the memory card into the computer, double click on the executable , select whether you want to do an advanced search or standard , and finally wait . Depending on the capacity of the card and how damaged it is possible that the wait continues for more than ten minutes or a quarter of an hour, so it is possible to do any other task in the process.

Amacsoft Card Data Recovery is fully compatible with cards of Olympus , Kingston, Jet Flash, Konica , Kodak, Digital Dream , Sony, Panasonic , Nikon, Ricoh , Philips, Pentax, FujiFilm brands.

Amacsoft Card Data Recovery is a tool that hopefully no user will have to use , though you possibly do pull the chestnuts out of the fire. No matter the format in which images , JPG , PNG , BMP or RAW are , we can rescue.

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Amacsoft Card Data Recovery