Android Find Difference Maker

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Android Find Difference Maker Description

Android find difference maker is an easy way to make the mini game of Find-Difference which refers to pick out the differences between very similar 2 pictures in a certain time. These games run on Android system with the authors’ individual styles in. You can build many Find-Differences each one owns its special unique type full of talent. They can be published on Android markets also be embed Admob ads to earn commission fee.

Android Find Difference Maker Key Features

1 The interface is user-friendly with no need of expertise.
2 Add any number of pairs of image.
3 Load images for both sides from local disk freely.
4 Drag and drop the rectangles on a selected picture to circle the difference valid for both sides.
5 Easy to remove any side of picture.
6 Support delete the unsatisfied difference rectangle.
7 The image difference preview effect is on the basis of what you see what you get.
8 Define game icon shown on Android screen.
9 Custom Ad bar to place static or dynamic ads.
10 Add Ad URL connected with Ad bar to direct to the target website.
11 Setup the start of a game time of duration.
12 Setup the diminishing times of duration after each game ends.
13 Define how many images on the first game.
14 Define how many images added each time when next round of game start.
15 Custom all icons related to the welcome interface of a game include Welcome background, game logo, Easy level, Easy level selected, Difficult level, Difficult level selected, Play button and Play button selected.
16 Custom the icons in the course of a game include Game background, Time background, Time icon, Progress bar background, Progress bar icon, Find button, Find button selected and Difference icon.
17 Custom all the icon shown on the result interfaces includes Result report background, Exit button, Replay button and Next button.
18 Support international language which enables you to custom a kind of language for a game.
19 Custom all the music played on the whole game includes Start background, Game background, Alarm, Win and Lose.
20 Save all the settings and game elements as project file for further reuse.
21 Support load the project file to continue editing the game.
22 Register an account for Android self-sign stored in Keystore
23 Direct the output directory to contain the game files.
24 Name the output Find-Difference game, define version code and name.
25 Support Admob embedding ads for earning commission fee.

Android Find Difference Maker Sceenshot

Android Find Difference Maker Screenshot