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Anvi Smart Defender PRO Description

With Anvi Smart Defender running along the antivirus you use, you protect your computer from suspicious files as malware, viruses, trojans, adware and spyware. Furthermore, the tool optimizes your machine eliminating all junk that prevents her from working quickly.

The program offers three types of scaneamentos ranging search for malicious files. The “Quick Scan” option is a quick search in the most critical locations. For a complete search throughout the system, the option is “Full Screen”. Have a custom search you choose what program should to scan, simply click “Custom Scan”.

Anvi Smart Defender The first feature Anvi Smart Defender with which you find is the scanner. Altogether, there are three options for you to scour your computer for suspicious files are malware: the fast search (“Quick Scan”) research only at critical locations; the complete search (“Full Scan”) sweeps all the ends of the system; Finally, the custom search (“Custom Scan”) is you who chooses what is searched.

A highlight of Anvi Smart Defender is up to the cloud computing service “Cloud Security”. Choose a file to be checked and wait for a report to consider whether it is safe or not.

As for optimization, the program cleans temporary files and recovering corrupted space that consumes RAM, and defragment the disk to save space on the HD. Just click on the “Optimize” section of Anvi Smart Defender.

Anvi Smart Defender PRO Key Features

Malware Detect &Remove
Detect and remove malware, Trojans, worms, rogueware, ransomware, spyware and many others
Double Scan Engine for Utmost Efficiency
High efficiently scan your system with double scan engine (local engine & cloud engine)
Check all system services and settings that may be used by hackers to attack your system and offer one-click fix to keep it safe away from hacker attacks
Basic File System Guard
Protect computer files, registry and startup items that may be modified or changed during the virus infiltration
Basic Network Guard
Real-timely protect your computer, privacy and downloads when you are surfing online.
Advanced File System Guard
Scan inserted USB drivers and monitor system behaviors to prevent no potential risks
Advanced Network Guard
Particularly guard against adware install or any other potential risks while you are shopping online
Anti-Hacker & Anti-Exploit
Positively guard against any potential hacker attacks as well as multiple exploits
Browser Repair
Conveniently repair browser problems caused by infections such as redirect virus or browser hijackers

Anvi Smart Defender PRO Review

Anvi Smart Defender is a complete suite that will monitor your computer for any malware attack.

Browse unsafe pages and not have a good software installed on your PC you can give us pretty big scares. This tool has features that will scan your entire hard drive for threats however small, from spyware to Trojans and even ramsonwares.

The application will update your database to continually be well protected in real time.

Anvi Smart Defender features a smart engine that can find any suspicious files in seconds, ensuring the good condition of your privacy, your windows registry and all your important files.

The Anti-Hacker option will be dedicated to review all service and adjustments that can use these threats, and provides a blocking solution in a single click.

Anvi Smart Defender also add an extension to your Google Chrome browser to protect you from any infected area.

Anvi Smart Defender PRO Sceenshot

Anvi Smart Defender PRO