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AnyTrans for Windows $59.99 Only $23.99 Get It Now!
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AnyTrans is a utility for transferring and sharing media content between Apple devices and your PC.

This is an alternative for you to sync up your music or restore your iPod library and transfer media between Apple devices, among other possible uses.

The AnyTrans interface supports drag and drop files, which makes your Apple device to operate as a removable USB drive , which is much simpler to manage. In short, it is about a similar with the iTunes environment, but more simplified.

The AnyTrans finishes with limitations imposed by the Media Manager software from Apple. With this program you can synchronize a device with parts of different libraries on different computers.

Once the Apple device is connected and the program is open, you can see device information – family, type, color, serial number, version of iOS, battery life, Wi-Fi connection and available space.

Just use the icons at the bottom of the screen or in the left pane to explore the content – music, movies , TV shows, music videos, podcasts , digital books, audiobooks, ringtones and voice recordings. Once the desired list is obtained, you can explore the files and transfer them to your computer to the iTunes library or from a device ( option available when exploring your iTunes library with AnyTrans ).

AnyTrans Review

AnyTrans is a program crafted interface, beautiful and easy to be exploited. The program aims to be a simpler and less limitations than iTunes alternative, and this is noticeable with a few minutes of use.

The AnyTrans copy the desired files in an instant, and you can choose the folder where they should be saved. In our tests, the software is efficient, practical (thanks to the excellent location icons) and easy.

It is regrettable that it is not a free software, and that the limitations of the trial version make it less useful because it is very likely that the limit of 50 transfers to be beaten soon.

Crafted interface
Simpler and less limitations than iTunes
Limitations make the Trial version is slightly profitable

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