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ArcSoft PhotoImpression 6.5 Gold Description

Your pictures are needing some sort of retouching? ArcSoft PhotoImpression can help a lot! The program despite expire in 15 days, is a good tool for anyone who is looking for speed and ease of editing images – perfect for those who are starting now in this world. The intuitive interface and well divided the program helps you find the fastest way functions.

ArcSoft PhotoImpression is an excellent program for basic image editing. The simple interface and practical command of this software give him a huge editing facility for users who do not have much experience with more sophisticated software like Adobe Photoshop and others of the same style. So if you’re starting to edit your photos now, PhotoImpression is exactly what program you were looking for.

ArcSoft PhotoImpression Key Features

Stay Organized Without Even Trying: Even if your digital media is scattered all over your computer, PhotoImpression automatically organizes it all for you. The Calendar Browser lets you view files by date. The Import History Browser organizes files based on when they were copied to your computer. The Folder Browser gives you a Windows-like view. The Stack feature lets you stack your photos into virtual piles.
Find Files Fast: Powerful text-based and tag-based searching helps you quickly locate specific media files from anywhere on your system. Unique photo-based searching uses a photo’s colors and patterns to find other similar photos.
Enhance Photos Step-by-Step: The built-in Easy Fix Wizard makes photo enhancement a step-by-step process that users of all levels can appreciate. In just seconds, bad photos become pictures worth printing. Edit options include: Straighten Crop, Enhance, Sharpen, Fix Red-Eye, and Improve Color.
Edit Hundreds of Pictures at Once: When you’re working with a huge numbers of photos, a batch processing tool is key. Rotate, resize, and rename an entire collection of pictures with just one click.
Create Dynamic Slideshows: Turn your favorite snapshots and soundtracks into dazzling picture slideshows—complete with slide transitions and pan and zoom effects. Save your shows as screensavers, video files, and self-running .exe files ready to burn to discs and share with family and friends.
Backup Media to Disc: The built-in Easy Archive feature lets you create CD and DVD backups of your pictures, music, and video files without having to launch another application.

ArcSoft PhotoImpression Review

More than a photo cataloger, ArcSoft PhotoImpression is a beauty center which will your images to correct defects or acquire improvements and original filters.

ArcSoft PhotoImpression collects scattered images your hard drive or imported from your camera or scanner and organized in different ways: in folders, for events or labels. Once you have them sorted, you can optimize the quality, adjust brightness and contrast, crop or modify size, etc. ..

What use to improve your photos if you can not teach? ArcSoft PhotoImpression has templates and print publishers to create albums, calendars and all kinds of material that can export in paper or email.

Simple and clear appearance
Apply creative effects to photos
Design calendars and other print pieces

Poor editing freedom

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ArcSoft PhotoImpression