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Ashampoo Home Designer Pro Description

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro, the newest extension of the Ashampoo CAD & Construction software series, combines the straightforwardness of creating ground plans with the freedom of individual design.

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro is a professional 3D planning software with which you can plan and furnish a room, flat or even a whole house. For your project there is a wide range of elements as well as large catalogues with objects, materials and textures available.

Using this software you will not only build your dream home, but also easily design the whole property. Shape the terrain almost realistically with hills, slopes, swales etc. With the editor you can add a terrace, paths or (flower) beds. Catalogues with garden furniture and plants are also available for individual garden design.

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro offers 3D and 2D views to look at your results. This way you don’t only get a realistic 3D view, but also the exact ground plan of your project. Then you can print or save your results in different image file formats. If you already use the Ashampoo Home Designer, you will be able to import your previous projects, and edit, expand or complete them with Ashampoo Home Designer Pro.

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro Key Features

Create and furnish rooms or even a multi-story house
Start wizard and project wizard
Import Ashampoo Home Designer projects
Design a garden with realistic terrain forms
Interior furnishing with large catalogues containing objects, textures and materials
2D and 3D views
Realistic visualization with ray tracing, antialiasing, ‘smooth’ shadows and ambient occlusion
Print or save results in different image file formats

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro Review

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro is a utility that can help you plan building, renovating, or decorating your house, flat, or garden. The program grants you a quite sizable library of components for building rooms, stairs, roofs, or for shaping terrain. You can also view the result of your design in either 2D, or 3D.

With Ashampoo Home Designer you can easily renovate your apartment’s style or plan your future home, without having to hire the expensive services of an interior designer or learn to use complicated 3D planning software. Ashampoo Home Designer is a nice 3D home planning tool easy enough for everyone to use, yet featuring really professional-looking results.

Easy enough for everyone
Intuitive interface
Many perspective options
Creates lists of used furniture
Includes customer module for professional decoration projects

Object lists don’t include price

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro Sceenshot

Ashampoo Home Designer Pro Screenshot