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Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder Description

Ashampoo Cover MP3 Finder is a program that uses a vast database of internet to find cover images of disks and add the songs you have on your computer.

This application has the sole purpose of better organization of your music, by labeling them as the album cover and making it easier to identify.

Moreover, it also fills some metadata of files, displaying artist name, song, album and other information related to it there. That means more resources to better organize your music, ideal for those using a media library to find and play songs action.

You can still edit the information manually and create playlists automatically, further enhancing the user experience of your music through the MP3 Ashampoo Cover Finder.

Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder Key Features

Use intelligent fingerprint technology to identify your MP3 tracks, even without proper metadata or file names
Download the most suitable cover artwork for your entire MP3 music collection based on several trusted sources*
Prefer album over single covers and vice versa
Let Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder auto-assign the artwork and take manual action when desired
Enjoy beautiful artwork across your music devices
Auto-complete and optimize ID3-tag metadata for your MP3 tracks
Edit metadata invidually, when desired
Search and organize MP3 tracks by artist, album, genre etc.
Benefit from advanced playlist auto-creation in all major music players

Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder Review

Ashampoo Cover MP3 Finder is a great program to edit metadata and especially to add album covers to songs you have on your PC. Its main highlight is the ease with which it does, as it already uses some information present in the archives to find more information.

If there is no information, the performance of Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder can be driven by you, doing a search and see the results anyway. That is, it works both ways and provides the same efficiency on both, ensuring that you go find what you want.

The fact of working with multiple files at once is another plus point . This causes you to have less work to configure it without having to repeat the same action several times until everything is configured . In addition, the interface of MP3 Ashampoo Cover Finder is another attractive because it is clean and modern, which also uncomplicated use.

The translation into Portuguese is the icing on the cake, the completion for this program that is almost perfect at it. The only problem is the limitation of the free version, because otherwise, it works well, is beautiful and has a number of advanced features for you to gather as much information as possible about a song.

Easy to use
Organized and beautiful interface
Uses multiple sources as a reference

Very limited player

Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder Sceenshot

Ashampoo MP3 Cover Finder