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Ashampoo Music Studio 6 Description

Ashampoo Music Studio 6 reaches its new version with some new features. The software is known to offer various tools for working with audio files in your computer. You can edit, create and play your music quickly and intuitively.

With this program, the user can have full control of your music collection and also edit and record music or podcasts quickly and easily. The software interface enables easy navigation between all configuration options. The multi-core system provides greater speed to perform tasks audio conversion, plus more stability to perform minor edits and audio recordings.

You can create new files using the conversion of audio into multi format. Audio extensions such as MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV and Flac can be quickly converted to M3U​​, PLS, P4U, WPL. There is also integrated support for recording the user to record audio CDs, MP3 and WMA discs or even recordings muti format.

For those who like to create covers for music compilations, Ashampoo Music Studio has the Cover Designer tool. With it, you can scale images and create new artwork to be printed as covers or labels on the CD. With this function, your discs can be fully customized and unique.

The editing of audio files gains new dimensions. Besides editing tags of files, this software can transform its users into music producers or audio editors. Normalize volume for songs, cut unwanted sections, and convert your audio files to the most used extensions in the market. Perform edits and mixes with existing audio files and create new music.

If you want a simple and useful program to record music, convert audio to CD cover and more, buy it now!

Ashampoo Music Studio 6 Key Features

– Extract audio disks, format selection, extract anywhere
– Video-2-Music: songs or videos as ringtones
– Mixer Tracks: Create custom songs from audio files
– Burn discs and MP3 audio (MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, Opus)
– Design labels, files and scripts
– Record audio from different sources: microphone, line-in, and any other recording device Windows
– Cut, mix and edit audio files
– Normalize audio files
– Convert audio files (MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, FLAC, Opus)
– Edit ID tags
– Organize music files by tag ID
– Search and download covers

Ashampoo Music Studio 6 Review

The tool disc recording has interesting features beyond the conventional. How, for example, recording a mix disc containing files of various audio extensions. The types of records that can be created are: standard Wav format disc, MP3, WMA and hard disk mixed format. Another interesting tool is the ability to edit and create tags to files as they are added to the playlist of recording.

Recording direct audio embedded or external computer microphone is an interesting tool that should appeal podcasters and amateur musicians who wish to register their songs unprofessionally. Unlike other programs that record audio in Ashampoo user first chooses the type of file you want to generate the finished recording. MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV and Flac: Among them, extensions are available. The recording quality is defined from small icons named: Average, Good, CD and high quality. There is also a choice between mono and stereo sound.

The CoverFlow lets you edit and set covers and labels for your discs. Perhaps this is the most complicated program service, as some technical knowledge about editing pictures and also about types of paper required for printing will be needed. Between editions of images allowed, are creating covers for boxes of CDs and stickers to be placed on top of the CD.

The option of mixing tracks allows you to create a single file in the user set, with other music or sounds that will be merged to form a single file. This option is ideal for creating or editing playlists podcasts to internet. The process of merging file impresses with speed and stability, creating a consistent file without reading errors. The Video / Music option lets you edit and extract audio from video to various formats without the user requiring technical knowledge for this.

Normalize volume, cut pieces of audio, create fades in and fade outs and at the end of editing, save the edited audio from video to your computer. Again, the edits made ​​to render the file and impress the speed and quality of the final audio.

Ashampoo Music Studio is a software that can perform simple edits professional manner and at the same time has all the basic tools for users wishing for converting audio without encountering difficulties. This program is recommended for all users working with audio files frequently and quickly want to perform these tasks.

It includes several features.
It has a great, intuitive interface.
It has a multi-language interface.
It has an affordable price.

It does not include a media player.

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