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Ashampoo Office 2016 Description

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Ashampoo Office 2016 is a suite of applications that includes tools designed to create text documents, spreadsheets, and also presentations PowerPoint. Compatible with most popular file formats of today, the package is ideal for users who want to know alternatives to the programs offered by the Microsoft catalog.

The pairing even Office 6.0 to Office 2013 documents can be done with Ashampoo Office 2016 – means not only reading, for example, sheets of different formats may be used; users of both software options for office can exchange information with each other without any problem.

The updated version of apps collection features news ranging from the presentation of new interfaces to the deployment of unpublished resources. Check out the following main aspects of programs TextMaker 2016, PlanMaker Presentations 2016 and 2016 – all part of the Ashampoo Office 2016 suite.

Ashampoo Office 2016 Key Features

TextMaker 2016
A new look, TaxtMaker 2016 remains as dynamic and versatile as its previous version: the application supports from the creation of scientific papers under the strict rules of ABNT to writing and quick editing of business cards.

The buttons for commands such as choosing the type and font size and export the document are arranged on the top flap of the program; set shortcuts to your catalog of quick tools option is also admitted by TaxtMaker 2016.

ow highlight, it is worth mentioning the integration of TextMaker 2016, PlanMaker and Presentations 2016 2016 Just a click on the icon for additional Apps that exchanges between documents pass to be made by the editor.

PlanMaker 2016
Ashampoo tables processor was also more elegant. Compatible with Excel documents, the program is a typical tool for the development of calculations and graphs.

Customizing tables, the ability to insert documents created with TextMaker 2016 and Presentation of 2016 and option for text editing the clip art style are the hallmarks of this manager numbers.

Presentations 2016
Presentations 2016 is a slide creation platform that aims to meet, in an objective manner, the needs of those who prefer to opt for presentations without major animated features.

Dozens of reference models are available to the users – of course adjust the background, transition effect and the document font style are shares listed for Presentations 2016.

Ashampoo Office 2016 Review

Ashampoo Office 2016 is an interesting alternative to users who wish to test options to Microsoft’s application suite. The three apps embraced by the package are fully able to meet the needs of those looking for intuitive tools for creating text documents, spreadsheets and slide shows. But is it worth pay for the resources of the programs?

If you are willing to evaluate software features that promise to perform tasks similar to those of Word, Excel and Power Point, then hiring the Ashampoo Office 2016 testing period should certainly be made. The integration between the three programs from spiked shortcut buttons on the tab of each application can really optimize the work of those who make constant use of these tools.

The design of the triad programs makes strong references to the appearance of the Microsoft software package, and that bet by Ashampoo Office 2016 can generate two effects: users accustomed to Word features, for example, will not encounter problems when using TextMaker 2016 ..

So why, after all, leave the text editors, tables and slides that come with Windows? The answer to the question is at the discretion thus the reader. The ease of use of the function of the software interfaces already familiar to users of Microsoft Office package makes Ashampoo Office 2016 a tempting alternative (also could, as documents dating from the Office 6.0 to Office 2013 are supported).

But just given the similarities between functions and appearances, download the new suite can be redundant with machines that are already running Word, Excel and Power Point.

And it’s note: this bundle applications are similar to those of Microsoft, and not the same. Some quick access options (such as the integration of the three programs with just one click) stand out in Ashampoo Office 2016 while the absence of an established editing modes (such as meager catalog slide models Presentations 2016) count as disadvantages when competing software are taken into account.

Integration between the three programs through intuitive shortcuts
Easy to use tools
Compatible with popular file formats

Resemblance to the Microsoft package can not justify the suite download

Ashampoo Office 2016 Sceenshot

Ashampoo® Office 2016