AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition

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AthTek NetWalk Enterprise Edition Description

The AthTek NetWalk is a program to monitor your network traffic. It allows you to perform an analysis of the system and identify if there are problems , and find the causes and identify possible solutions . This application can be effective for use in both small and corporate networks.

Often we come across everyday mistakes, like a computer can not connect to the network or not find the other machines. It is not always easy to find the causes of problems in the network. In some cases, more serious problems may occur as a user find doubtful connected on your connection.

As there is a great possibility of commands and settings that can be applied to a network (as the operating system it may vary even more ), not always a ready solution can apply to your network. The program will analyze your problem and help you get the best way to fix it .

Among other tools, the program can help network administrators through its analysis tools. It performs real -time monitoring of all traffic data and build graphs to facilitate the interpretation of the information. In addition, you can configure the application so that only what is interesting for your case to be collected .

The protocols used by the program allow you to have a detailed analysis on your network for all layers, including application, transport and physical . You can also check the packages that are outstanding and capture them. The captured data can also be stored on your computer for later viewing.

The program also performs the mapping units, to ensure a better control on the part of administrators. The tool also has several filters that allow the application access rules, incoming and outgoing packets. Thus, you can ensure that everything flows in the network is secure.

The developer sought to make the interface as visual as possible, as many of the results are shown in graphs to interpret the visualization. Still, you need some technical knowledge to analyze the data and look for the best solutions to problems encountered.

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