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AthTek WebAPP Kit Description

AthTek WebAPP Kit is a great programming tool for web software development. It works together with popular programming languages and enables software developers to create rich internet applications (RIA) directly by the ordinary software projects. If you are a PC software developer who wants to add internet versions of your software, AthTek WebAPP Kit is the spider-man you should never miss.

AthTek WebAPP Kit Key Features

Convert C/S Programs to B/S Web Applications
It will generate the web base applications according to your existing C/S type projects effectively.

No Web Development Skill is Required
You don’t need to be an expert in HTML, ASP, JAVA or PHP for web development, you can still create web based applications with this WebAPP Kit.

With AthTek WebAPP Kit, you are allowed to design your program in an straight visible way.

Multi-Server Supported
IIS and Apache are the two most widely deployed Web servers.

Multi-language Supported
With the standard COM port settings, it support multiple software development languages including Delphi, C builder and VC++. It is also compatible with most VCL components. OpenGL and DirectX are supported.

Ease to Deploy
You don’t need to change anything in your web server. The only thing you need to do is to copy and paste the files in ‘WWW’ folder to your server, and change the output file names to generate links.

One Click Create RIA
Web based applications can be created by only one click.

Troubleshooting on Local Server
The web based applications are totally editable in AthTek WebAPP Kit.

Fast Generate RIA From C/S Based Software Project
You don’t need to wait for couple of weeks or even several months for the complete transplanting to web based applications, AthTek WebAPP Kit can greatly shorten the development circle to a few minutes.

High-quality and Effective Internet Applications
AthTek WebAPP Kit enables software developers to create high-quality internet applications conveniently.

Save Money and Shorten the Development Cycle
It will spend you at least thousands of Dollars if you want to generate web based applications according to your PC software systems, and you need to wait for a long time. WebAPP Kit will help you to get rid of this problem.

Rich Free Online Demos
There are a lot of project demos on our website, you are allowed to download them for free. You can also access to these demos to view how it takes effect in a direct way.

SaaS is the Trend!
SaaS will be greatly used in the modern websites and it is good for online business. More and more websites provide RIA (Rich Internet Applications).

AthTek WebAPP Kit Sceenshot

AthTek WebAPP Kit Screenshot