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Atomic Email Studio Description

Atomic Email Studio is an all-in-one email marketing solution that consists of 9 top email marketing programs.

Historically, Atomic has offered many programs to fill the email marketing needs of our customers, who had to download, install and activate many different programs. Now with Atomic Email Studio, you only need to download one file. Install one application, and you will have everything you need to promote your business online.

Save big with a better value! Atomic Email Studio provides you access to all 9 of our email marketing programs, leveraging your budget to allow you additional savings.

Atomic Email Studio Main Features:

– Easy projects and mailing lists management. One control panel and the 9 best tools for all your email campaigns.
– Atomic Email Studio is cost-effective. It represents the center console of our email marketing programs, providing you with an easy way to work with all of them together. The programs included in Email Studio are demo versions. You can purchase a Studio license to activate all 9 email marketing modules—spending less compared to the cost of buying a license for each program separately.
– Easy to work with. Drag and drop, add and delete lists and projects, and run any tool to modify your email lists or whole campaigns.
– Easy to migrate to from any of our applications. Download Email Studio (18 Mb) and rearrange the icons in Start Menu and Desktop if you would like to have one point of access for all Atomic email marketing tools. This action can be undone when you uninstall Studio.
– Instant access to the email marketing industry news. We publish the latest news about Internet marketing on our sites and blogs. Atomic Email Studio will notify you immediately when the news is published..


All-in-one Email Software.
Best 9 email software package under one interface.
Extract emails.
Extract email addresses and names from websites, search engines, whois databases, newsgroups, computer files, disks and more!
Manage your lists.
Verify email addresses for validity, manage signups and unsubscriptions, personalize lists and edit them as you want.
Create messages.
Built-in plain text and HTML editor, template library, social widget wizard, and more!
Send messages.
Flexible SMTP, Proxy and data rotation settings guarantee you high inbox rates. Enjoy automatic auto-reply feature!
Analytics and monitoring.
Monitor your email campaigns via Atomic online service or Google Analytics – detect dynamics, control effectiveness, get statistics.
Stay updated.
Read latest email marketing news, tips and techniques via built-in news module.
Reach more services.
You can easily get access to more online email marketing services from Atomic Email Studio interface.
Import and export.
Import and export data of any sizes and popular file formats.
One-time fee.
One-time fee for an ultimate email marketing solution that will make your email marketing dreams possible.

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Atomic Email Studio