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Atomic Lead Extractor Description

Atomic Lead Extractor is made for proactive marketers who want to quickly find leads for their business. Enter the URLs of websites you’re interested in, and Atomic Lead Extractor will search through the websites and extract contact information from them.

Atomic Lead Extractor Key Features
Atomic Lead Extractor will help you create a quality database of cold leads that you can turn into hot by sending them emails, making phone calls or sending instant messages.

E-mail address, phone number, Skype and ICQ extracting
Atomic Lead Extractor has a wide range of plugins for extracting different information types: phone and fax numbers, Skype, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AIM.

Refined search within a website
Enter the address of a website (“New Search/Sites list”) where your potential clients communicate and Atomic Lead Extractor will extract all the contact information for future emailing, messaging or phone calls.

Keyword search
Enter the keyword related to your niche and Atomic Lead Extractor will use your preferred search engine(s) to find sites that show up for that keyword.

Atomic Lead Extractor extracts e-mail addresses and phone numbers by default, but the software can also search for other contact types.

Proxy support
Atomic Lead Extractor connects the Internet without using proxy by default.

Multithread search
Atomic Lead Extractor works in multi-thread mode so the data is extracted very quickly. Set the number of threads on specifying the extraction limits.

Atomic Lead Extractor allows the user to manage the list of URLs and some typical folders that will be excluded from search process (“Common settings/Filter URL”).

Atomic Lead Extractor Sceenshot

Atomic Lead Extractor Screenshot