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AV VoizGame Description

AV VoizGame is a voice chat tool specially made for MMORPGs ( Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ) that allows you to completely change your real so you stay anonymous on any chat room voice.

There are several ready voices for both men and women, or you can build a new changing the timbre and pitch. It is compatible with most voice chat applications such as Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Roger Wilco, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, World of Warcraft and others.

Its graphical user interface will really please the players on duty, it has a stylish design online games, and takes up little disk space and do not need to worry about overloading your PC. If you love these games, likes to talk in chat rooms and want to remain anonymous, this program was made with you in mind ! Stay with the voice of a fearless knight, a cunning sorcerer or a beautiful princess with this masker voice.

AV VoizGame Key Features

Changes in real time the voice, either from a microphone, CD, online, or auxiliary input, into hundreds of male and female voice quality, musical and fiction sounds.
Transforms in real time WaveOut and DirectX streams.
It is compatible with voice chat rooms, instant messaging programs by voice conferecnias audio and video conversion software to your PC. You can change your voice to be anonymous on the net.
It is compatible with standard sound recorders, sound players, CD and Karaoke. With AV VoizGame, you can edit various voices, sound files, sound effects for your movies and audio and video clips, you can change songs or MP3 files and create your own albums.
The pitch and timbre settings are represented by the graph that allows the adjustment easier.
Uses the equalizer and the voices of nickname.

AV VoizGame Review

The AV VoizGame lets you distort the voice to imitate different characters and animals. Great for online RPGs and public chat rooms.

Nail a piece for friends turning your voice. The AV VoizGame allows hundreds of different voices as a journalist seductive voice, a well-known actor or even a horse.

Use the AV VoizGame with any program that works with a microphone and change your voice in online RPGs, VoIP connections and any recordings on the computer.

The AV VoizGame also includes a recorder itself and comes with transparent skins to avoid hindering the desktop. A very easy to use application and guaranteed fun.

Mascara voice in online games
Variety of voices and characters
Transparent skins
Includes own recorder


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AV VoizGame