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BestSync 2016 Description

Making regular backups of your important files is something essential for anyone who is always working on the computer.

After all, it only takes a few minutes for something bad to happen to your machine – as contamination of a virus or a failure of internal circuits – and you lose all your documents, photos, videos and data in general.

BestSync is a program for anyone who is rigorous and thorough when making and storing your backups. With the help of this program, you can set various tasks that operate simultaneously and independently, creating copies of your most important files and sending them to local or remote directories of your choice.

BestSync 2016 Key Features

Backup and File Version management – backup all the files that will be changed in the synchronization and manage the file versions before synchronizing the files, prevent file lost.
AES 256 bit Encryption – protect your files when upload them to internet servers.
Exclusion/Inclusion engine – exclude/include designated sub-folders and files.
Fast file filtering – synchronize/backup only designated file types and changed files.
Volume Shadow Copy – backup database files and files that are locked by any software.
Support FTP/HTTP Proxy – synchronize/backup files to behind the firewall.
Resuming from last break point – ensure copying large file successfully.
Run as a Windows Service – backup/synchronize files without user logon.
Real-time synchronization – synchronize files immediately after the files are changed.
Parallel Synchronization – scan multiple folders and copy multiple files simultaneously. Download large file by multiple sessions parallelly.
Bandwidth Control – control bandwidth of network by preset speed chart.
Flexible and powerful scheduler – start task automatically. Set once and forget it
Preview window – confirm synchronization action before start it.
File comparing tools – view file difference between folders and old versions.
Email notification – monitor the synchronization remotely.
Log view – confirm the synchronization log, and restore backup files conveniently.
Old file and log data management – prevent the disk from running out of space by old files.
Windows Shell Extension to encrypt or decrypt files in Windows Explorer conveniently.
Auto-shutdown – option to power off PC when all the tasks complete. And many other features.

BestSync 2016 Review

Although it is presented by the developer itself as a “manager backups with hundreds of amazing functions,” the BestSync can not stand out much from other programs of the same thread already on the market. It is an efficient application, but that does not bring any kind of differential or innovative tool that can justify the preference of a user.

Moreover, its interface is visually unappealing, with little buttons worked and quite messy menus.

If you are an intermediate user and do not need complex functions too when making your backups, prefer more intuitive and also free alternatives, like Cobian Backup or GoodSync. BestSync is indeed a good program; however, the difficulty in using it and make it unattractive interface restricted to a very small portion of users – such as companies or network administrators.

Light and Free
Compatibility with various cloud storage services
Several documents help to assist the novice user

Interface visually unpleasant and messy
A little difficult to use

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