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BlogCommentDemon Description

BookmarkingDemon is a powerful Bookmarking automation tool for your content distribution efforts. With BookmarkingDemon, you no longer need to bookmark your sites manually. You can now submit your bookmarks to unlimited number of bookmarking sites automatically to boost your link popularity.

Unlike other bookmarking tools, BookmarkingDemon offers a very easy to use interface that will get you started in no time. With BookmarkingDemon’s seamless submission process, you can now build an unlimited number of links and increase traffic to your website without the need to babysit the software.

There are simply no other social bookmarking software in the market that perform task with the same level of simplicity and automation as BookmarkingDemon.

Blog Comment Demon Key Features

Search Different Blog Platforms – Now you can search different blog platforms found in BlogCommentDemon.
Add Your Own Footprints – If the default list of blog platforms are not enough, you can add your own list of footprints.
Scan Different Countries – BlogCommentDemon allows you to scan your local search engine.
Comment Approval Tracking – BlogCommentDemon is the first blog finder software with comment approval tracking.
SERP Of Blogs – You can sort the results according to their search engine ranking.
PageRank – You can sort your blog results by PageRank.
DoFollow/NoFollow Tag – You can sort the blogs according to their DoFollow and NoFollow tags.
TLD (Top-Level Domain) – You can also sort the domains according to TLD (top-level domain).
Number Of Comments – BlogCommentDemon is able to calculate the total number of approved comments on a blog post.
Outgoing Links – Some blogs are badly spammed with hundreds of links.
Estimated Recent Post – To check if a blog is active, BlogCommentDemon can estimate the last active post date.
Title Of Web Page – By looking at the title of the blog post, you can have an idea if it is relevant to your niche.
Extra Notes – You can add your own personal notes to each URL.
Results Driller – When a blog post has zero comment, it is difficult to tell if it is using DoFollow or NoFollow outgoing links.
Auto Form Filler – You can auto fill the comments section of blog posts by using this form.
Project Management – BlogCommentDemon is not only a blogfinder, it is also a great blog management tool.
Multiple Web Browsers – BlogCommentDemon comes with build in web browsers.
Bookmark Organisation
Search In Depth – Like a particular blog? You can find more pages from the same blog.
Faster Scanning With MultiThreading – BlogCommentDemon comes with multithreading feature.
Domain Blacklist – Now you can create your own blacklist of domains that you want to block.
Time Search – You can get more results from choosing a different time period.
Proxy Servers – If your IP is banned from the search engine due to aggressive searching, you can always make use of the proxy server function.
User Agents – You can choose from our list of user agents.

BlogCommentDemon Sceenshot

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