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BookmarkingDemon Description

BookmarkingDemon is a powerful Bookmarking automation tool for your content distribution efforts. With BookmarkingDemon, you no longer need to bookmark your sites manually. You can now submit your bookmarks to unlimited number of bookmarking sites automatically to boost your link popularity.

Unlike other bookmarking tools, BookmarkingDemon offers a very easy to use interface that will get you started in no time. With BookmarkingDemon’s seamless submission process, you can now build an unlimited number of links and increase traffic to your website without the need to babysit the software.

There are simply no other social bookmarking software in the market that perform task with the same level of simplicity and automation as BookmarkingDemon.

Bookmarking Demon Key Features

Create Accounts Automatically – You can create accounts at hundreds of social bookmarking sites.
Seamless Submission From Start To End
Add Your Own List of Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, Pligg, PhpDug and German’s PublicBookmark Social Bookmarking Sites
Scraper – Finding bookmarking sites that uses the free script such as Scuttle, ScuttlePlus, Pligg, PhpDug and German’s PublicBookmark manually from the search engines can be extremely time consuming.
Random Account Details During Creation
Scheduler – Make use of the scheduler to submit/drip your bookmarks to across X number of days.
Title, Tags and Description Randomization
Content Spinning And Rewriter
Preview Bookmarks – You can spin and preview your bookmark before you start your submission.
Detailed Site Scanner – BookmarkingDemon comes with a detailed scanner that allows you to find out how credible the sites are.
Detailed Site Scanner – BookmarkingDemon comes with a detailed scanner that allows you to find out how credible the sites are.
Bookmark Your URLs Automatically – Add the full URL of your webpages and BookmarkingDemon will automatically load the Meta Tags details.
Domain Crawler – Enter a URL and BookmarkingDemon will crawl all the links from that URL up to 10 levels in depth and 99999 pages.
RSS Crawler – You can also crawl an RSS feed for bookmarking.
Live Links Export, Ping Your Links, Project Management
Faster Bookmarking With MultiThreading And Submission Speed

Bookmarking Demon Review

If you want to get your site out there and increase the traffic but don’t have time to do it manually, this product is what you have been looking for. The more you get your website out for people to see, the better chances you have of increasing your revenue.

This program will allow you to have complete control over your websites. It allows you to not only get more backlinks, but increase the traffic to your site in good time. It will allow you to bookmark hundreds of sites automatically and have unlimited Scuttle. This program even allows simple features like verifying all emails instantly and creates random accounts with ease.

Allows Multi-Threading To Increase Performance Times
Get More Traffic To Website Quickly
Gain More Backlinks
Rank Higher In Search Engines
Have The Website Indexed Higher
Bookmark Hundreds of Sites Automatically
Unlimited Scuttle
Unlimited Ping
Create Random Accounts Easily
Verify All Emails Easily
Bookmark with Random Tags
Camouflage Bookmarks for a Natural Appearance
Get The Traffic You Need Without Extra Work


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