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Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Description

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook is flexible and powerful software for all levels of users to create professional page-flipping eBooks. You can use this program to customize your own type flipbooks with realistic page-turning effect. You can make the animated books with your own background images, sounds, bookmarks and so on. Besides, the program also enables you to import links from original PDF files, add search feature for viewers to search their interested content, allow users to auto play your flipbooks, etc.

Boxoft PDF to Flipbook Key Features

1. Build Realistic eBooks
In old days, a flip book is a book with a series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to animate by simulating motion or some other change. Now, Boxoft PDF to Flipbook will help you to add the realistic page-flipping effect to your eBooks.
2. Powerful PDF Converter
Boxoft PDF to Flipbook is a powerful converter to convert PDF files to page-flipping eBooks. The tool will reserve all PDF text and image content, links and bookmarks. Besides, you can also add watermarks and security passwords for output flipbooks, and output with multiple format choices: HTML, EXE, ZIP and Burn to CD. You can also create a mobile version which allows you to play it on iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. If you want an entity version, you can also burn your flip book to CDs. Everything is quite easier for you!
3. Customize Your Style eBooks
With using Boxoft PDF to FlipBook, you can totally control the output eBook types with your imagination. You can define the book content, you can choose background image from your own computer, you can insert your favorite music, and you can even change the flash language into your native language with ease. Just throw your creativity into the powerful tool.
4.Colorful and diversified templates and themes
Boxoft PDF to Flipbook provides you with four different kinds of colorful and diversified templates: Classical, Float, Neat and Spread. You can also get more free online templates from our website. Every day we will update different kinds of themes so that you can download free themes from our website. What’s more, if you do not like the template or themes, you can remove them manually according to your needs.
5.Upload, manage and share flip book online
Boxoft PDF to Flipbook offers you an easier and convenient way to upload your flip book online and manage them online. With this powerful function, you can share your flip book online with your friends and the public easily.
6. Free upgrade forever
All products are free to upgrade, once you purchased the software, you can use it forever. We keep the right to raise price for later versions, but you do not need pay one cent for upgrading.

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Boxoft PDF to Flipbook