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Boxxer Email Extractor – Pro Version Description

Boxxer Email Extractor is a lightweight and powerful utility designed to extract email addresses, PHONE/FAX numbers, from various sources: Keywords using search engines – For eg: if you give “Hotels in california” as keyword, it will extract phone numbers & email ids of all hotels in california. Local files like .txt,.php,.doc etc, All inside pages of entire websites like, MS Sql, MySql, MS Access databases and from your address list from MS Outlook/ Outlook express or any POP3 email accounts like yahoo, gmail, hotmail, email account provided by your hosting provider etc. Speed Approx 200 emails & phone numbers per minute.

Its speed is very high when compared with other extractors. within just half an hour around 5000 emails and phone numbers are extracted. This is because of the multithreaded engine which supports maximum 50 connections. Another advantage is the built-in email verifier which validates and removes dead or invalid emails from the extracted list.

Boxxer Email/Phone/Fax extractor is useful for every individuals or companies who want to market their product / services via email marketing or telemarketing, and will provide fresh targeted leads to where they should market their product.

Boxxer Email Extractor Key Features

Collect Email Addresses, PHONE, FAX Numbers from various sources :
Keywords using Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc.
Websites: scan all pages of the specified website
Computer: any local file, folder, drive
Databases: MSSql, MySql, MS Access etc
Your email accounts: MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo etc

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