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Just Cause 3 Description

Just Cause 3 is the latest game in the action series published by Square Enix, which comes with versions for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Developed by Avalanche Studios, the game’s main characteristic is the vast, explosives and detailed environments, which are scenarios of the protagonist Rico Rodriguez fighting. Furthermore, the places have a neat lighting effects. See the analysis with all the positives and negatives of the title.

Know Just Cause 3 requirements to run on your PC

From the first minutes of the game, Just Cause 3 does not hide his claims. The hero of control equipped with an effective arsenal of weapons, you must explore the huge map in search of new missions. Therefore, it is possible to use vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, boats and helicopters, or major equipment Rico, a hook that allows it to attach various objects in the scene.

With the help of a parachute and a wingsuit (sort of glider costume), you can fly over the map, with the impetus given by the character of the hook. The system is not exactly intuitive and takes some practice before running. So it should yield dozens of fatal accidents.

While Rico control and weapons is simple and quiet drive in Just Cause 3 can be a frustrating experience. The negative highlight is the land vehicles, which are very hard and difficult to control, as they insist on leaving the track during relatively simple maneuvers. On the other hand, airplanes and helicopters respond to commands as well, though having a somewhat confusing controls.

A good cause
The missions are marked on the game map, and usually involve the conquest of enemy territories. For this, we must invade certain regions and meet small goals, how to turn off generators, destroying fuel tanks and unfurl a flag somewhere in the city.

Filled with action, these sequences are often challenging. After a while, however, it is hard not to be upset by repeating the formula that little evolves with the progress of the campaign. Another problem is the lack of indicators, which often leaves the player not knowing what to do.

The conquest missions are interspersed with some uninspired tasks such as protection characters and search for items. In addition to monotonous, these quests suffer from bugs that constantly ruin all the progress, and also force the player to start the job from the beginning. The checkpoints are also serious problem, since the large amount of time between automatic saves can turn a simple mistake on cruel punishment.

Much more than just the return of the mission start, it requires the player to face the painful loading screens, which rarely last less than a minute. Even after failing again and again on the same mission, the load times will not decrease, which causes irritation even in the most patients.

World on fire
Fortunately not only of campaign missions lives Just Cause 3. Among the events of the main story, players can find hundreds of secondary quests scattered around the map. Despite being shorter and casual, tasks are often fun and varied. Options include car racing, skill tests with parachutes and fast rescue events.
During the exploration of the cities of Just Cause 3 it is easy to get distracted with the advanced system of game objects of destruction. Virtually all structures can be destroyed with a few shots, which creates insane explosive effects capable of bringing factories, military bases or even cities to the ground in seconds.

The problem is that, especially in versions for consoles, the title does not usually withstand very well the effects of snowball created by these explosions. Thus, it is common to see drastic drops in frame rate per second, or even complete game crashes.

Even with serious performance problems, Just Cause 3 can be a beautiful game in several respects. The environment full of natural areas are colorful and detailed, and come with a neat lighting effects.

The same level of detail does not apply to characters who seem to have come from a game early last generation. Even the important Rico and Mario, fall short, with facial expressions, hair and of dubious quality textures. Defects are even more pronounced at the enemies, they are very generic and not very varied.

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The musical part is not the most pleasant. Soundtrack dull, vehicle sounds and shots of poor quality and voice acting for the Portuguese of Brazil rather confusing and fail to take climate and charisma to the story.

Just Cause 3 is one of those titles with great potential who suffer from serious problems. Although good ideas in the mobility system and its explosive scenarios, the lack of inspiration in the missions and mechanical broken make repetitive and annoying experience.

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Just Cause 3