CERTivity KeyStores Manager Professional

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CERTivity KeyStores Manager Professional Description

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CERTivity KeyStores Manager is a powerful pure Java multi-platform visual KeyStores manager. This standalone GUI desktop application provides a natural experience for managing and using KeyStores, Certificates, KeyPairs (Private Key, Certificates Chain), Secret Keys in various formats. It covers and combines functions that otherwise are available through verbose command line tools or other operating system tools or browsers. It is not intended to be just a simple 1:1, replacement of these tools – the features being combined and centralized in an intuitive and productive organization.

CERTivity KeyStores Manager Key Feature

GUI Representation
The first purpose of CERTivity targets the representation of the security related items in a Tabbed Document Interface allowing for visualizing in parallel the following types of models: KeyStores, individual Certificates and Test Certificate Scenarios.

KeyStore Management
The application is able to work with a wide range of KeyStores types – JKS, JCEKS, PKCS #12, BKS, UBER and Windows native ones.

Sign and Verify
CERTivity aims to bridge the gap between keys management and digital signature functionality as well as offering a suitable introspection for developers interested in various investigations.

Being a Java application it runs anywhere an Oracle (Sun) JRE or Apple JRE can run. Depending on the platforms, CERTivity comes bundled with JRE or standalone.

CERTivity KeyStores Manager Review

CERTivity is a powerful pure Java multi-platform visual tool for creating, managing and handling different KeyStore types (JKS, JCEKS, PKCS12, BKS, UBER, or Windows Native), Keys such as Private Keys, Public Keys or Secret Keys in different formats (e. g. PKCS, OpenSSL, using various algorithms – RSA /DSA), Certificates and Certificates Chains. CERTivity also creates and verifies digital signatures on PDF, XML or JAR files. For PDF signatures it is covering all of the standard SubFilter values “adbe.x509.rsa_sha1”, “adbe.pkcs7.detached” and “adbe.pkcs7.sha1”, as well as providing rich and “intriguing” information on signature verification. CERTivity has many features related to KeyStore management and PKI domain.

CERTivity covers many functions, from Keys and KeyStores management to document signing and signature verification, which are otherwise available with disperse command line tools. CERTivity is combining them in a visual, intuitive, uniform and productive organization. Its GUI has an IDE like structure, which is elegant and easy to use, allowing users to maximize productivity. It is as well a multi-platform solution.

CERTivity is meant for everyone dealing with Certificates, Public / Private Keys or digital signatures such as system administrators or developers. It is also meant for anyone willing to develop applications related to the PKI domain.

CERTivity KeyStores Manager Professional Sceenshot

CERTivity KeyStores Manager Screenshot