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Cloud System Booster PRO Description

Cloud System Booster is a complete software for maintaining and optimizing Windows systems. Based on cloud technology, it offers powerful tools and four, a direct connection to an online database that lets your program always current with the updates.

Cloud System Booster acts on four fronts: Cleaning (Cleaner), Optimization (Optimizer) Repair (Repair) and Applications (Application). All acts have to make your machine faster, without useless files.

For those looking for function to repair files (which were damaged in some process of formatting, for example) the program does not disappoint. Check out the resources.

Clean, optimize and more!

Cloud System Booster In Cleaning, the software gives a good faxinada the system files and deleting useless data. In Optimization option, makes adjustments to increase performance and speed of Windows.

Repair in the program rescues problems in the registry and other OS functions Already Application function, focuses on installed programs, cleaning and optimizing them for better functioning of your machine.

Uncomplicated interface

Cloud System Booster Logo on the main screen you see four well highlighted with a small box next to the functions. To get the jobs, select one or more actions as needed, and press the Boost button to start.

To know or customize how Cloud System Booster works, click the “Settings” option right next to the desired function. There is a checklist and successes that can be checked or unchecked, at will.

With the work completed, you can see everything that the program made ​​the computer via the “View Details” option. If you find any action that wanted to undo, restore the system to a previous application to work now. Simply access the Restore option in the Settings menu, and assign a date prior to scanning.

Skins to customize

In Cloud System Booster options, you can choose from different skins to customize the interface. Also on this tab, you can schedule automatic operation of the program to prevent the wipes from falling into oblivion.

Cloud System Booster PRO Review

This program is good for those who want alternatia optimize your operating system. The program has a nice interface, simple and organized. The fact that all the tools are well separated also makes it easier to use.
Cloud System Booster is a complete application to the maintenance and optimization of operating system. Unlike other apps of its kind, it is cloud-based and offers four powerful tools as well as a connection to the database of the company, which updates the program quickly.

This application has four fronts of use: Cleaning (Cleaner), Optimization (Optimizer) Repair (Repair) and Applications (Application). Use all these tools to make your computer faster without unnecessary or duplicate files.

Furthermore, it scans and analyzes your computer completely in a few seconds, wiping at various aspects, including junk data on disk, registry and unnecessary Windows files, for example. It also presents an optimization tool with two different modes: one for beginners and one for experts users.

Cloud System Booster PRO Sceenshot

Cloud System Booster PRO