ColorDirector ColorDirector 2 Ultra

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ColorDirector ColorDirector 2 Ultra Description

ColorDirector ColorDirector is a semi-professional tool for video editing in various formats. You can apply effects, capture correcting faults and direct file sending to YouTube when you finish the job.

The application has a multitude of editing tools. Color adjustments are for the entire frame of the video or to be applied only in a specific region. Other than that, there’s even dozens of effects already loaded in the editor to apply everything with just one click on your movie.

If you need to make more accurate and timely issues, there is a tab with several functions that can correct up to the nearly invisible defects in any type of shooting. Moreover, to facilitate editing, ColorDirector comprises a detector scenes that marks and separates your raw file to change the video frame.

ColorDirector ColorDirector 2 Key Features

Trim and split portions out of video clips manually, or use scene detection to auto split scenes based on the original footage.
Color correct video clips by adjusting the white balance, tone, and tinge
Produce eye-catching videos instantly by applying presets
Adjust video coloring using hue, saturation, and lightness features, or replace a specific color in the video using Color Replacement
Apply adjustments on objects that move in video clips using the Motion Tracking Mask
Make the adjustments on the entire video clip, or use keyframes for full control over the effect timing
Use selection and gradient masks for more precise adjustments on specific areas and frames of your video clips
Share videos on YouTube

ColorDirector ColorDirector 2 Review

Who needs to do video editing but do not want to venture with incipient and low quality tools, you can find an optimal solution in ColorDirector. The program is robust, full of precise functions and easy to use. He also has an extremely organized interface.

Every step of editing and creating a video project is divided into a section on ColorDirector. You have the area with the functions to edit video input, another to make adjustments to the images and another to define the technical details of the output file. Otherwise, in the central part, you can cut, paste and reorganize the entire timeline of your project just by dragging and dropping items.

One of the highlights of ColorDirector is the possibility to export the contents of your project directly to YouTube. The tool has a client section for the service that simulates the whole experience of video uploading to YouTube. Besides, if you want more professional results, you can use the audio quality with 5.1 channels Dolby Digital.

In the end, we noted that edit videos with ColorDirector is a quick and easy process. You does not hold in complex tools, but can use the key to a good level of precision. The editing of the sequence of scenes is also simple, and you do not have to worry about gaps and stuff.

Still, in our tests, we also noticed that the application, for having many functions and handle large files, have a satisfactory agility. The program takes a few moments to respond to certain commands and takes a long time to start.

Taking this into account, we can say that ColorDirector is one of the easiest tools to use in video editing and has a beautiful catalog of functions. So, if you are choosing a tool for this type of service, it is advisable to consider this program.

Easy to use
Organized interface
Integration with YouTube


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