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Copernic Desktop Search 5 Description

Find documents, messages, images … After some time of use, your computer or e-mail may not be as organized as you would like. It is in these moments that find anything in them can be a real challenge.

Often this task can take hours, taking unnecessary time and giving too much work. Even worse, you could end up searching all your files and in the end not even find what you need.

Copernic Desktop Search can be the perfect solution for these moments! The program allows the user to search and find instantly and with ease any kind of information you need from your PC. Are folders, all files, e-mails or attachments: anything that is stored anywhere on your computer, everyone will be scanned by the software.

Copernic Desktop Search 5 Key Features

– Search for files by name and content of files & emails.
– Track down that file stored on network and external drives.
– See the highlighted keyword in the preview pane.
– Copernic does not collect any data through Copernic Desktop Search.
– Copernic Desktop Search offers the most user-friendly and powerful interface of the industry.

Copernic Desktop Search 5 Review

You’ve probably never seen a search engine as fast as Copernic Desktop Search. It is a search engine oriented contents of your hard drive and able to locate in a few seconds any file you request.

The trick lies in the analysis that the program to run for the first time that indexes the entire contents of your system, and also is regularly updated automatically with the new or changed items.

This index is customizable, meaning you can pick up on it only a certain type of file with the information that interests you have available when conducting searches. This includes documents, images, audio, video, data and even your contacts or emails.

Copernic Desktop Search is fast, efficient and consume fewer resources.

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Copernic Desktop Search