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CU3ER Description

How about giving an improved visual of your website or give us a reformed their slides with a few clicks? That is the intent of CU3ER, which allows you to create very fine performances in both 2D and 3D without any difficulty. Just choose some effects out of all the possibilities that offers the service to make your site much more sophisticated.

CU3ER Review

The CU3ER is an integration kit for your site that allows you to apply in 3D slideshow transitions for information on your website style. It provides a number of customization and options for the design of this task, in order to fit with many types of websites and seeks to offer a way for you to assemble professional presentations even with little knowledge of the subject.

In addition to the 3D transitions, the program also enables effects in 2D. Even those made in two dimensions have different effects, to give a touch of elegance and leave your page look professional. You can also set different properties for each of the slides presented.

The interface tries to be as simple as possible, especially with respect to the navigation elements. But when it comes to style, it offers various options and shapes ( rectangles to circles ), all so you can make incredible works of presentation and easily.

You can set various options for inserting images of each slide to stay on the screen, starting image, autorun, random presentation, number of times the presentation will be shown, etc.. In addition, there is a function that tells the user when the presentation is still loading (if slow connection, for example).

Layout and presentation

You can also configure virtually every aspect of the general layout of a slideshow assembled with the CU3ER. Moreover, due to the fact it has a JavaScript API that allows you to increase your flexibility and even perform synchronizations with some other elements of your page.

With the program you can further illustrate their presentations including text. For this, it provides up to two text fields (header style) and paragraph, which can be freely edited (with custom fonts, links, etc.. ).

The CU3ER is designed to be integrated directly into your web page. Its installation requires certain technical knowledge, but if you have questions when you integrate it, along with the package you will find a readme file explaining briefly how to perform the process.

CU3ER Sceenshot