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Directory Lister Pro Description




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Faced with a possible format or to organize your hard drive, at some point you’ve needed a list in the display all data files and directories on your disks.

Now with Directory Lister you can have all that information to save as TXT file or email it.

The format of the list is fully configurable in a lot of features such as being able to choose between 20 different fields for each file or directory as size, creation date, full path, etc..

It also includes other options to determine the output format with the choice between basic text (TXT), HTML or CSV sheet with fully editable look.

Directory Lister Pro Key Features

Written in Java – works on any platform that runs Java
Preview Mode – writing on screen
Edit the output directly – notebook functionality
Save screen output to file
Write directly to file (useful for large directories)
Processes only the top directory or include the contents of all subdirectories
Displays files and directories or only files or directories
Option to remove file extensions
Option to remove drive letters
Type the full path or just the file names
Option to add indent the output to show the directory hierarchy
Option to make a tree view output to show the directory hierarchy
Option to prefix or append text to arbitrary directories and / or files
Change the output format without rescan all directories (Redisplay button)
Ability to search and replace

Directory Lister Pro Review

Directory Lister takes a list of all files included in your selected directories, CD-Rom, floppy disk or any other storage media format of text, HTML or CSV even drive.

The list of items to include in the list is fully configurable, and in the case of generating in HTML format, you can include style sheet (CSS) own or links to directories and files, and set the font and size each item displayed.

Turn allows to create, load and save custom settings, so if alternates frequently between different types of listings are we much more convenient and faster.

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Directory Lister Pro