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Disk Drill for Mac – PRO Description

There is almost nothing worse than accidentally deleting important computer documents, and unfortunately this is not so unusual. Another very common situation is losing data from an external disk or USB drive, due to damage to the device that prevents it from being recognized by the computer.

Did you know that in many cases it is possible to recover lost files with the help of special programs for this purpose? It is important to keep in mind that not all lost files can be recovered, and not all damaged disks can be saved, but chances are high when software such as Disk Drill is used.

This useful application has basically two purposes: to prevent and recover. It has a greatly enhanced data protection system, the “Recovery Vault,” meaning that virtually everything that is deleted while the program is running can be recovered.

The data recovery system acts in conjunction with the “Recovery Vault” and can be used on the local disk, volumes on the network and external devices. In addition to recovering accidentally deleted documents, Disk Drill can scan physical disks for lost files.

The only requirement of the program is that the disc being recovered is not “dead”. If the volume can be connected to a computer and powered on, the Disk Drill application can recover data even if it is physically damaged. In the event of extreme damage, it is recommended to seek help from a professional.

When you open the program for the first time and it offers a presentation tutorial. The guide is very fast and instructive, it’s worth spending a few minutes with him. Another option offered is that the program enables “Recovery Vault” to start protecting documents. Keep this feature always on.

Data recovery can occur in many ways, but two stand out. Undelete from Recovery Vault recovers accidentally deleted files from your computer. The “Deep Scan for Lost Data” function should be used to perform a very complete search on some volume that contains corrupted or seemingly irrecoverable data.

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