DJ Mixer Pro 3 for Windows

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DJ Mixer Pro 3 for Windows Description




DJ Mixer Pro 3 for Windows $149.95 Only $119.96 Get It Now!
DJ Mixer Pro 3 for Mac $149.95 Only $119.96 Get It Now!

DJ Mixer Professional will provide users with a DJ mixing software for advanced and complete professional and amateur DJs, bringing advanced features they need to create live mixes, remixing, video mixing, beat-matching, vinyl simulation, and live performance.

This flexible DJ software combines an easy to use interface that makes mixing your music. Includes 2 plates, an advanced mixer and playlists/database. Offers complete automatic mixing, beat-matching with a single click, seamless looping, advanced BPM detection, keylock (master tempo), integrates with your iTunes library and includes lots of effects and many other features.

You can use external hardware controllers, MIDI controllers, effects plugins VST/AU, sampler. No matter if you want to use DJ Mixer Software for a special occasion or a private party or as virtual jukebox in restaurants, hair studios, discos, nightclubs and even shopping, it will be the right choice.

DJ Mixer Pro Key Features

Waveform display and zoom markers loops and tail pulses
Vinyl simulation ( scratch , reverse play, brake , turn , benchmarks tuning ) by displaying interactive wave form
Instantly sync coincidence rate (one click)
Transparent mode support rate ( including the beat and loop resizing )
Precise automatic BPM counter on the fly ( for all genders between 70 – 155BPM )
KeyLock (master tempo)
Control rate of + / -4 %, 8 %, 16 %, 24 %, 32 % with slow recovery
Load the whole song in RAM memory for instant access ( where possible )
Signage ( 1 point instantaneous reference)
Supports MP3, OGG , WAV , AIFF , AU , WMA * , ** M4A , MP4 **
DJ mixer crossfader 2 channel , volume and headphone crossfader ( pfl -mix)
VU meters for decks and master output
Gain and 3-band EQ
8 different effects (reverse , brake, auto pan , flanger , phaser , reverb, echo , delay )
Filter Sweep (short frequencies gradually – high pass filter and low)
ASIO / CoreAudio low-latency support
Perceptual automatic gain
Audio limiter for high quality audio even at high volume levels
Fully compatible with Unicode
AutoMix mode ( automatically mixes the playlist – with beat-matching option )
Record your mixes to burn them on CD (WAV and AIFF formats)
Automatic dialing of songs loaded in the current session
Label editing
Support various audio outputs for speakers and headphones (monitoring and previewing pfl -mix) by multichannel sound cards or SPLIT mode for simple stereo soundcards
Navigation system with unlimited lists , disk explorer and database
ITunes support , quick search for song song preview ( pre-listen )

DJ Mixer Pro Review

What people have in common as Armin Van Buuren, DJ Tiësto, Carl Cox and Jeff Mills? For mixing music like angels. With DJ Mixer Pro you can (try to) emulate.

DJ Mixer Pro is a program to mix music in any style that incorporates some of the features most valued by DJs, starting with an elegant design and arrangement of the elements which greatly facilitates any action.

2-channel mixer, filters and advanced equalization, support for MIDI controllers and vinyl-Time Coded, ability to load VST effects, playback of FLAC files and exquisite sound quality are some of the features that make DJ Mixer Pro one of the most recommended mixers in the market.

A mix with DJ Mixer Pro has been said!

Elegant and intuitive design.
Support for MIDI controllers.
Exceptional sound quality.
Format Compatibility.


DJ Mixer Pro 3 for Windows Sceenshot

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