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Duplicate Sweeper Description

Duplicate Sweeper is a tool to scour any folder on your computer for duplicate files.

After making an analysis in their directories, you can check the location of each duplicate file and then delete it using Windows Explorer. Otherwise, whenever the Duplicate Sweeper finds two identical files, it marks what is the oldest. With this, you can delete that item and keep the youngest to preserve some kind of change that would have been done last.

The program allows you to do a search for duplicate files anywhere on your PC, libraries, and other removable disks. For this, at the beginning of the scan, you can simply choose which folder should be scanned, thus leaving the tool work much faster.

Duplicate Sweeper Review

In our tests, Duplicate Sweeper proved efficient and fast tool. It was possible to find duplicate files of which had no idea of the existence and finally get rid of them. Otherwise, scanning happened very fast, even having to work with multiple folders simultaneously.

The highlight, however, is not the speed or effectiveness of Duplicate Sweeper, but the way he presents the results. All the files found by the program are marked so that you can know which one is the oldest and which is the most current. That way, you can delete the old staying with the new, which probably has the latest changes.

Other than that, it also separates the results into file types. That way, you can view sections that show just images, music, text, and others, which should facilitate its action in Windows Explorer later.

The tool does not present any problem while searching repeated files on your computer. It acts quickly, spending less than three minutes to scour several folders with many documents without giving any sign of crash or mysterious errors.

Still, the limitations of this trial version that prevents the user from actually delete duplicate files is the major flaw of the app. That’s because you lose time installing and making the process of scan tool and , in the end, have to search alone files he found in the middle of your folders. The app could offer some other kind of limitation in the free version as not to leave her destroyed like this.

Taking this into account, we can say that the Duplicate Sweeper is an efficient tool to search for duplicate files, but unfortunately can not delete the documents found. So you need to put your hands dirty to delete unnecessary items in your PC.

Fast, Effective
Separation between newer and older files
Organization by file type


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Duplicate Sweeper