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EA Shark 7.0 Description




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EA Shark 7.0 is a fully automated currency trading system (MT4 Forex Expert Advisor) which is packed to the brim with state of the art technology and calculations which are worked out in real time. This is impossible for even the most experienced and successful Forex traders on the planet, but EA Shark can do it all within a fraction of a second: Average and actual market volatility; Overbought and oversold levels; Artificial neural networks; Volume and spread analysis; Statistical data correlation.

EA Shark 7.0 Key Features

Ultra low risk of 2 Pips per trade
EA Shark 7.0 enters new trades only when the win probability is the highest and when the market is the most predictable.
100% automatic trading or semi-automatic trading
You can choose how to use EA Shark. In its automated mode, it will analyze data, calculate lot size, place trades, stop trades and manage your money – 100% automatically, 24 hours a day.
Secure trading
The EA Shark 7.0 uses several security measures to ensure that your trades are kept safe and secure.
Easy to use
While the EA Shark itself is a very complex Expert Advisor, it is easy to use. Download, Installation and setup require only a few clicks.
In-built Artificial Intelligence
Without even lifting a finger, your trading will be continually adapted to fluctuating market conditions.
2 Pips risk per trade. How is it possible?
EA Shark 7.0 enters only new trades when the market is the most predictable, and it makes dozens of calculations to work out probability of each trade.
Successful automated trading – every second of every day
EA Shark is the all-seeing-eye of Forex trading systems, which constantly analyzes the currency market and your trades – 60 seconds a minute, 60 minutes an hour, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

EA Shark 7.0 Review

Spike scalpers have large profit potential, but show weakness in case the price doesn’t reverse enough. As Shark 7.0 logic does not depend from reversals alone and returned same nice profits during testing, I believe it has a large profit potential.

However, as mentioned at the beginning of the review, Shark 7.0 is a hardcore scalper and requires optimized trading environment. Dealer plugin, slow execution, high stop levels and bandit brokers will act like poison for this robot.

Though I didn’t figure out what activates the logic, I like the idea behind. As it places orders only when the market moves quickly, there is a great probability given that either a sell or a buy order will close in profit.
It uses pending orders only. I consider it to be an advantage, as it decreases slippage greatly.
trades two currency pairs.
It does not open more than one trade at a time.

As SL is placed very close to the market price, dishonest brokers may play dirty games.
I am certain that Shark 7.0 will not work with market makers, and results will vary from broker to broker.
It cannot be used on 4 digit platforms.

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