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EASIS Data Recovery (Data LifeSaver) – Private License Description




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EASIS Data Recovery is a high performance software wizard to reconstruct and recover data from a large variety of storage devices. Typically these are hard drives, memory cards,sd cards, external storage devices and other media that are formatted with Windows (NTFS,FAT) file systems.

EASIS Data Recovery wizard makes the data recovery as easy as possible. EASIS Data Recovery is a read only and includes free single file recovery.

EASIS Data Recovery Key Features

EASIS Data Recovery Data LifeSaver offers you three modules that may be used on different applications of recovery.

Recycle Files reconstructs data that were deleted and removed from the bin.

Fast Recall is the recovery instrument to be used after virus attacks, or if a password got lost, of if you have a defect driver. It is also useful when a folder is no longer found or cannot be opened any more. In case data recovery with Fast Recall is not successful, Data LifeSaver will recognize this automatically and tell you to start Volume Recovery.

Volume Recovery is the most powerful instrument and recovers data from devices when a more complex problem has occurred. The software reconstructs files, folders and file systems from even very little fragments of information. Volume Recovery saves data with a much more complex and more exact procedure. It should always be applied if the cause of a problem is not known or when a first run with Recycle Files or Fast Recall has not been successful.

Select at the start screen or at ‘Modules’ the data recovery module that suits to your data recovery exercise.

EASIS Data Recovery Review

EASIS Data Recovery is an easy to use application which recovers data from a large variety of storage devices such as hard disks, memory cards, ZIP drives, diskettes and other media that are formatted with Windows file systems like NTFS or FAT.

It helps you with data after: formatting, repartitioning, fdisk, virus and worm attacks, power failure, application errors, and other damages.

EASIS Data Recovery checks the storage device for physical damages and scans it. Accessible data are then analyzed and reconstructed.

EASIS Data Recovery creates a virtual drive in the RAM space that looks just like a regular file explorer. You will see data and files of the damaged storage device you thought were lost. You can open the files and check them, using the original application.

Sorting and filtering functions will help you to find relevant data quickly. After buying a license you can save the files to a safe media.

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