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Easy GIF Animator 6 Personal Description




Easy GIF Animator 6 Personal $19.85 Only $13.89 Get It Now!
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Can not find the perfect animated GIF for your website? Do not worry, now you can create your own. All you need Easy GIF Animator is one of the most complete utilities and easy to use that you can try.

You can create custom animations from scratch, adding visual filters and text effects to frames, selecting the length of the animation, setting the position of each image, and more.

The program also allows you to play the animation in reverse, pass it to grayscale or convert it to an AVI video. All through an interface of very simple design and use.

All these functions can also be applied to existing animations, edit them to your liking and also optimizing them to occupy as little space as possible and thus load faster.

Easy GIF Animator Key Features

Create animated pictures
Easily create animated banners, buttons, cartoons and pictures
Built-in image editor
Easily modify animation frames or draw new pictures
Frame management
Add, remove, edit, mowe, swap, duplicate and extract one or more files at once
Moving text effects
Easily create attention-grabbing animated text
Animation effects
Easily add visual effects like sparkles, zoom, rotate etc.
Save as Flash or video Pro
Save your animation as SWF Flash or AVI Video file
Transparency management
Easily create and manage transparent areas of your image
Resize GIF animation
Resize or crop a whole GIF animation with a single click
Animations with sound
Save animations in SWF format with background sound

Easy GIF Animator Review

Easy GIF Animator is a powerful animation tool that can help you in creating professional-looking animations following simple steps. You can import any photo, edit it and animate it using effective and easy tools.

A fully functioning image editor enables you to modify and enhance your images. Frame manager makes the animation creation process easier than ever that enables you to set orders of images included in an animation.

You can create animated pictures, screen savers, banners and buttons in no time. Now you don’t need to search for animated images and contents for your web page, but create custom web contents using Easy GIF Animator. You can also apply special effects and transitions to your animation. You can export the animation as a GIF animation image, an AVI movie file or a Flash video for sharing or further use. Easy GIF Animator can also create custom screensavers for your multimedia phone. Easy GIF Animator can be a good option when you are working with official presentations or web development.

In short, Easy GIF Animator avails all you needs to work with animations, providing an image editing tool, a frame manager, special effects, animation control and many more in one set.

Edits every single frame.
Creates flip book animations, GIF files, or exports the animation as an AVI movie file.


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