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Easy Walker Fx Description

Easy Walker Fx is a scalper EA and, as for many other scalper EAs, its trading results depend on the broker. Because of this we can recommend only the brokers we have tested ourselves. These are the brokers, for which we have official monitorings. At this moment, official monitoring are held on Alpari ECN, FxOpen STP , and Pepperstone Razor accounts. If you use accounts of the same type on these brokers, you will be able to compare trade by trade with the official monitorings. With other brokers, trades will be different.

This forex trading robot opens a new chapter in the list of our products. Unlike our previous robots, this EA does not use martingale in its trading strategy. For years, we have been requested by our users to provide “something without martingale but nevertheless profitable in real trading”. Those of you who have some experience with scalpers and other non-martingale EAs know that it is easier said than done. The market today is full with commercial scalpers, most of which proudly display history backtest balance curves with many 100s percents of profit, but which nevertheless are helpless when are facing a real trading surrounding. How many scalpers to you know that earned – confirmed – profit over the last 3 months, in real-money trading? Too few, there are just too few of them.

Our goal was to create a scalping robot which is capable of trading several (preferably, many) currency pairs and also is trading relatively often. I do not know about you, but I am getting positively bored with robots that make just several trades per month. True, you are not likely to lose much money with such robots, but you hardly can hope to earn much, that’s for certain. It is also rather naïve to look for a robot that gets steady profits constantly, in any state of the market. So, our idea was to make a robot with relatively frequent trades, which does not accumulate too large drawdown in the periods when the market is not favorable for its trading strategy but earns its profits fast when the market in the good mood. Have we achieved our goal? It is for you to judge.

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